Apex Legends New Training Mode Lets Fans Choose Their Characters, Update Arriving Anytime Soon

Apex Legends New Training Mode Lets Fans Choose Their Characters, Update Arriving Anytime Soon
Credit: Apex Legends via YouTube

The upcoming update in Apex Legends Training mode will surely be an exciting one for fans. The free-to-play battle royale game will already allow gamers to choose their character while enhancing their skills.

The current gameplay of the video game from Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts does not provide players said opportunity. This means that they cannot train according to the skills and strengths of the characters they want to use. As such, they may have difficulty in releasing their character’s full battle potentials.

The game was launched in February this year. And as early as that period, fans have already shared their disappointment about its Training Grounds.

Some of those who have tried Apex Legends noted that the training level must offer more intensify. In a Reddit thread, one user pointed out that facing strong foes requires quick reflexes. Thus, the Training mode must provide specific challenges to improve the players’ responses when fighting huge enemies.

Another one commented that bots must be added in the said mode as well. These characters could be designed in such a way that they are customized according to the players’ preferences. The gamers may set the difficulty level of the bots they are fighting as they train. In short, the Apex Legends Training Grounds or Firing Range must be a place to harness the combat skills.

The developer appeared to have heard the clamors from fans. The new update is expected to be packed with “big” enhancements, especially in the Training mode.

Once it is available already, players will be offered with various targets and firearms. As a result, they get to try the available weapons in shooting different targets, whether nearby or from afar.

Apart from that, gamers may also train together with their friends or squadmates. They will have time to scrutinize the weapons, from the firearms to the body armors. By doing so, they will be more equipped for the Apex Legends battles.

Another feature to look forward to is the opportunity to choose the character they want while on training. This is a positive move since the players will be more familiar with the abilities that a particular character possesses.

The Respawn team made the revelations during the first-ever Apex Devstream on Friday, October 11. The group behind the well-received title likewise talked about the making of the King’s Canyon and gave a preview of the Firing Range.

Amid these interesting upcoming details, Respawn has not yet given an official release date of the Apex Legends Training mode update. What is known so far is that it will be available “soon.”