Payday 3 Could Get A Release In A Couple Of Years According To Starbreeze

Payday 3 Could Get A Release In A Couple Of Years According To Starbreeze
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

There haven’t been a lot of game developers broaching the subject matter of bank heists. That’s a shame because bank heists are pretty epic. The silver screens have done a beautiful job at capturing them in various ways. There has been one franchise to broach the material with confidence and success, though. That is — of course — the Payday series.

Both the original and sequel gave people the chance to complete heists either solo or with a squad of players. They had amazing co-op experiences and plenty of ways to tackle each heist. It has been roughly six years since the sequel came out, and many are beginning to wonder when a third installment will surface.

That will be a couple of years according to Swedish developers Starbreeze. You see, they’ve been through a lot of turmoil ever since the release of Payday 2. Some of their games didn’t meet sales expectations and they’ve lost rights to a lot of their intellectual property. Despite these speed bumps, the developer is keen on making another Payday.

Thanks to new agreements and a shuffling of departments, Starbreeze believes Payday 3 could be ready in the next couple of years or so. Although these are rough estimates, it is nice for fans of the franchise to have a little hope about a new game.

Starbreeze and Overkill Software have a lot of ways to improve upon an already great series. Payday: The Heist is where it all started, but it was the sequel where gamers really got the chance to customize their selected gang member and tactical approaches. A third installment would probably be even better in both departments, which is exciting to contemplate.

So much has happened since the last game came out, so the developers really have a lot of routes to take with a follow-up. For example, since the last release, VR has really started to take off. Gamers are looking for immersive experiences and VR technology lets these gamers live out their fantasies like never before.

Starbreeze could bring VR support to Payday 3 in some capacity. Being able to take on the role of a gang member and engage in illegal activity as if you’re actually there could be a successful recipe worth exploring. Aside from that, Starbreeze could put a lot of emphasis on online multiplayer. It has really blown up these last couple of years, so that feature could be an integral focus moving forward.