Minecraft-style Dragon Quest Builders 2 Comes Out Today For PlayStation 4 And Nintendo Switch

Minecraft-style Dragon Quest Builders 2 Comes Out Today For PlayStation 4 And Nintendo Switch
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

At this point, we’re going to need a real name for Minecraft clones. Part of the reason is that the word ‘clone’ is a bit derogatory. Many of these games build upon Minecraft‘s gameplay in ways that vastly improve the original. At least, depending on what you’re looking for anyway. Today, another title in the Minecraft ‘genre’ was released after its announcement earlier this summer.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is the latest game that aspires to be more than a Minecraft clone, and in many ways, it seems to succeed. But now comes the ultimate test: what will the fans think? After today’s release for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, we’ll finally get an answer to that question. All-in-all, Dragon Quest Builders 2 seems to improve the RPG elements, the believability of the NPCs, and, of course, the graphics. All good signs.

But these things do not a good game make. Not necessarily. Will Dragon Quest Builders 2 be able to pull it off? If the last game was any indication, then the answer is—probably yes.

The first Dragon Quest Builders, first released in 2016 for PS3 and PS4 (and subsequently in 2018 for the Switch), received generally favorable reviews. Metacritic gave the game an 83/100 for the PS4 and an 81/100 for the Switch. Perhaps the best aspect of the first game was its ability to mix Dragon Quest‘s RPG elements with Minecraft gameplay.

But it’s important to note that this is not Dragon Quest Builder 2‘s first release. In Japan, the game has already been out since December of last year. The audiences there enjoyed the new game. Japanese gaming news site, Famitsu, gave the game a rating of 37 out of 40 with the critics there saying that many of the original game’s gameplay had been greatly improved upon in the sequel.

But through it all, the core of the game remains relatively consistent. Both games keep not only the blocky world-style but also the revolutionary building mechanics, which were first created in the original Minecraft.

All of this comes back to where we started. Fans of these fun Minecraft-style builders need their own genre. While the developers behind Dragon Quest Builders 2 tout their game up as both an “action role-playing game” and a “sandbox,” neither of those genres does any justice to the kind of game Dragon Quest Builders 2 is.

Either way, we sure to grab a copy of the new game on PS4 or Switch if you’re a fan of… whatever that genre should be called. Dragon Quest Builders 2 is being sold for $59.99 on both the PlayStation and Nintendo Stores. Happy digging.