Minecraft Enchanted Items Can Be Unenchanted In Minecraft Using The Grindstone

Minecraft Enchanted Items Can Be Unenchanted In Minecraft Using The Grindstone
Credit: OMGCraft via YouTube

Minecraft is a very popular game and has been updated numerous times in one of these updates added the block called the Grindstone. This block originally had little to no purpose, but this block has recently seen a use arise, that use is the ability to remove any enchantments from items.

Enchanting an item is exceedingly simple, having a few experience levels as well as an enchantment table. These enchantments can range from adding more damage to your attacks or making a tool more efficient.

Some of the enchantments in Minecraft may need to be removed if try get a different enchantment, one such example is if your Diamond gets the enchantment of fortune, on any level, it is unable to utilize the silk touch enchantment as they conflict.

In this post, we’ll be going over how to use a Grindstone and where you could find one that has been generated by Minecraft. The format will be similar to the Minecraft Mobs Explored posts.

Finding a Grindstone isn’t very hard as they are spawned in the blacksmith’s house, so finding one is as easy as locating a village that features a blacksmith.

Using a Grindstone

Using a Grindstone to remove enchantments is incredibly easy, putting the enchanted item in one of the two input slots then taking out the unenchanted item.

When removing enchantments, the player will also receive the enchantments back, allowing them to try at the enchantment table for a better enchantment.

Removing enchantments isn’t the only function of this fantastic little block; another function is the ability to combine two of the same items to offer a bit more durability for that specific item.

Crafting a Grindstone

When crafting a grindstone, players will need two sticks, a single stone slab, and two wooden plants. The layout in the crafting grid is two sticks on either top sections with the stone slab being in the middle top slot.

The two wooden plants go below the two sticks and allow the crafting cost of this block to very small when compared to the enchantment table that requires not only a diamond but also four obsidian blocks.

With this block crafted, Every Minecraft player should have the ability to get exactly the enchantment they want on their tools and armor.