Microsoft Thinking About Offering Xbox Live On Multiple Platforms

Microsoft Thinking About Offering Xbox Live On Multiple Platforms
Credit: Major Nelson via Flickr (license)

Cross-platform gaming has been a popular trend as of late, particularly with Fortnite. Owners of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have been able to duke it out on the battlegrounds despite what system they owned. This gaming model has been a huge success and really opens doors for gamers looking to connect with more potential users.

Microsoft picked up on this trend, and according to recent reports at a Game Developers Conference, they’re looking to open up their popular Xbox Live service to multiple platforms. These will include iOS, Android, and even the Switch. Yes, that’s right. Switch users could have access to Xbox Live thanks to a planned software developer kit, which will be designed to help developers and game creators incorporate Xbox Live into their gaming products.

So what’s all the fuss about? Well, it appears Microsoft is seeking to improve the social interactions between gamers using different platforms. The end goal here is to foster a greater sense of community. This is a really smart idea in many ways. For one, more users will have access to the incredible service that is Xbox Live. It has been a staple for gamers ever since November of 2002.

Sharing messages, chatting in groups, and unlocking memorable achievements have all been streamlined by Xbox Live. This service is a pretty huge selling point to purchase an Xbox One, to be honest. Now, gamers can simply use the various devices they already own to participate in social moments with their friends.

Another huge benefit that certainly warrants attention is more and more gaming developers can focus strictly on producing great and entertaining games. They can avoid the competitive aspects of making a game socially engaging in an exclusive way. Instead, Microsoft managed game services will take control of this social aspect of gaming. It’s a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

Well, except for maybe Sony. It’s no secret that this industry titan put up a lot of fuss about enabling cross-platform play with their PlayStation consoles. Eventually they give in, and for the better – but now Microsoft seems to be intentionally leaving them out of their plans to make Xbox Live universal.

Overall, this is exciting news for gamers across the globe. As long as the details are worked out and the Xbox Live system performs great on the new platforms, there should be even more hours of social interaction that gamers can look forward to.