Meet TEAMGROUP’s New SSD – T-FORCE Cardea, The World’s First Liquid Cooled SSD

Meet TEAMGROUP’s New SSD – T-FORCE Cardea, The World’s First Liquid Cooled SSD

In the latest news from Taiwan, TEAMGROUP has released the world’s first liquid-cooled M.2 PCI-e SSD alongside a new RGB controller box. The new SSD was the most awaited since its announcement back during Computex 2019 in Taipei. On the other hand, the new controller box opens up more possibilities for custom-built PC gamers.

“The two new T-FORCE products released today have exclusive patents. They are both innovative and unique, and TEAMGROUP’s strength in research and development is displayed through them.” wrote TeamGroup on their official website.

Dubbed the T-FORCE Cardea, the new liquid-cooled SSD will be a great deal for PC configuration enthusiasts dealing with SSD overheating issues. While the top of the range SSDs rely on the existing cooling system, this new entrant will feature an independent cooling system. It guarantees blistering load times regardless of the efficiency of your system’s cooling system. But the company reiterated that only the brand’s special coolant should be used – not tap water or distilled water if you want optimum efficiency.

It’s interesting to know how T-FORCE Cardea works to reduce the temperature by 10° Celsius as the company suggests. The unit has a patented self-circulation cooling system where heat is transferred from the SSD to alloy heatsinks via silicone thermal conductive pads. The heatsink is then actively cooled in a convection process. Though the transparent body allows you to see the coolant levels, TEAMGROUP has not hinted on the amount of coolant to add, or in what frequency.

TeamGroup will offer the new Cardea M.2 SSD in three variants: 256GB, 512 GB and 1TB. Each variant has different capabilities in terms of sequential and random read and write speeds. The 1TB variant offers the best performance with a 1,665 TBW endurance and up to 450,000 IOPS and 400,000 IOPS random read and random write speeds. For sequential read, the SSD boasts 3,400MBps and 3,000MBps respectively.

Alongside the T-FORCE Cardea, TEAMGROUP also released an innovative RGB control box called T-FORCE Captain. It has been built with all PC gamers in mind whether you want ARGB or you’re on RGB. The Captain controller box supports four 5V ARGB and one 12V RGB output connectors. This controller also has a magnetic feature that allows for secure attachment on the computer case.

The Captain RGB Control Box will be available globally from August, but the Taiwanese manufacturer hasn’t revealed anything regarding the price. As for the liquid-cooled T-FORCE Cardea, it’s not clear when the SSD will hit the US market. It’s also not clear how much it will go for but stay tuned for updates.