Fun Automated Meal Churning Puzzler With Conveyor Belts And Hotdogs, Automachef, Out Now!

Fun Automated Meal Churning Puzzler With Conveyor Belts And Hotdogs, Automachef, Out Now!
Credit: Nintendo via YouTube

Players looking for an at-you-own-pace game will find Automachef beautiful with its original concept and unique gameplay. Automachef, an Indie puzzler, allows players to build their own automatic kitchen with robotic arms that make and serve food automatically. The game has a design and produces a concept, which makes it fun, and players can program their robots to make them run as efficiently as they can imagine.

What’s more interesting about the game is that the fully-automated kitchen creates a various menu according to a player’s needs. The game aims to plan, position, and program the machines, so they function more productively. This means assembling and serving delicious meals are affected by how each piece of the robotic arms are installed. And as such, every meal preparation becomes a challenging puzzle where players need to overcome design efficiency, spatial occupation, and energy demands.

Players are presented with challenges and scenarios with multiple solutions. Combining the elements of spatial awareness, their problem-solving skills, and resource management provides exciting gameplay. On top of that, there are three different gameplay modes players can enjoy. The game has a story level in its Campaign mode, the Contracts mode, and the Sandbox Test mode.

The Contracts Mode is one exciting element of the game as it allows a player to sell blueprints to other players in the business world. The Sandbox Test is truly immersive as it will enable a player to have unlimited gameplay.

Automachef is available in PC (Microsoft Windows) and on Nintendo Switch.

The game also has an exciting feature with its code-in game capability. This unique game feature allows players to write their own codes to control their kitchen. It uses an assembly-like programming language with a visual coding tool to program the kitchen robots and do specific functions. What’s more appealing is that players will not deal with syntax and code writing as they come fully installed within the game.

Automachef features dozens of unique machines with the possibilities of offering a future game expansion. Kitchens look more like an industrial-grade food processing plant and something out from the future. This game is not only attractive with its Unity visuals but is highly addictive with its unique gameplay.

Automachef is out now offering a ten percent discount to early game catchers. Stay tuned as the dev team might even be looking to create mod support in the coming months!