Logitech Builds Modular Mechanical Keyboard That Lets You Easily Swap Key Switches On-The-Fly

Logitech Builds Modular Mechanical Keyboard That Lets You Easily Swap Key Switches On-The-Fly
Credit: Logitech G via YouTube

Pulling out the keycaps off your mechanical keyboard can be easy, but putting them back can be a feat itself. This might have been an impossible task for most of the keys we have, but peripheral giant Logitech is making a big leap with the Pro X Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

Logitech’s latest entry to the mech genre has key switches that not only swappable but can be extracted without de-soldering them. Clearly, this manual is offering something new to the keyboard industry.

Anyone who’s tried to change keyword switch placement knows that it can be done quickly, but you would need to buy a new keyboard once you decide to pluck them off. These “hot-swappable” switches are new to the industry and a concept that has never been done before.

Ujesh Desai, Logitech Gaming’s VP, and General Manager mentioned that pro-gamers have their own preferences with their keyboard switches. The Pro keyboard is designed based on the logical concept of allowing these gamers to customize their experiences fully.

The company leader also says that by providing pro-gamers with the ability to mix and match their keys with their style of play, they deliver a whole new level of gaming performance. The hot-swappable keyboard does not really offer distinct characteristics because there are already switch types that offer matching play style or their sound preference.

But this is just an understatement from the Company Manager. Apparently, the Pro X mechanical keyboard offers something unique to gamers. By allowing them to customize the whole keyboard gives them the ability to create a unique gaming experience that fits their own style.

By using an engineering feat, the Pro X digs deep into a new era of gaming where everything is personalized. Not only do we have powerful next-gen gaming rigs, but we are also coming into the age where our personality has to shine through even with how we play our video games.

To say the least, this gaming keyboard can be pure fun as you try to experiment with the keyboard style that fits your gaming needs.
Pro X is already available for pre-order at $149.99. It comes in several variants including the Clicky, Tactile, and Linear, respectively the blue, brown, and red-colored keyboards. Logitech will also offer a non-swappable mechanical key switch will is valued at $129.99.

But for people who would like to immerse themselves with their game fully, the personalized mech switch Pro X is something worth having.