Rocket League To Replace Credits With Blueprints, Game To Introduce New Trade-In System

Rocket League To Replace Credits With Blueprints, Game To Introduce New Trade-In System
Credit: Rocket League via YouTube

Psyonix continues to introduce changes to Rocket League to give players better gaming experience. The developer announced it would be taking down the game’s crate system and replace it with blueprints.

These blueprints are scheduled to arrive in Rocket League’s December update. Each blueprint is a representation of a specific item and its corresponding price. Until you decide to purchase these blueprints, they can sit in your inventory.

Similar to the crate system, these blueprints will be labeled “certified” or “painted.” These blueprints will help players make better decisions because they can already preview an item before buying it.

In purchasing items, players will be using “money,” which is Rocket League’s new premium currency. Money means credits, which gamers can use to unlock drops. These credits can be used to buy a wide selection of cosmetic items.

Players will receive a blueprint after they complete a match. With these blueprints, gamers can opt to purchase an item upfront or store it in their inventory. Psyonix has also set up an item shop on its roadmap which includes both new and older items.

Gamers can also use credits to buy the Rocket Pass Premium. Unfortunately, these credits cannot be used to purchase items at the esports shop because only esports tokens will be honored there.

Once the new Rocket League credit system goes online, Psyonix will convert keys into credits and crates into blueprints. One vindicator crate will be available on Thursday featuring a battle car and a goal explosion.

The decision by Psyonix to overhaul its credit system is a response to the loot box controversy. This year, United States Senator Josh Hawley authored new legislation which prohibits developers from selling loot boxes to children.

When the new Rocket League update rolls out, changes in how trade-ins will take effect. For instance, players can no longer do trade-ins for paid items coming from blueprints or those from the Item Shop or crates.

Psyonix stressed that it would disable the ability of players to use paid items when the new trade-in system starts. However, free post-game drops can still be traded. The developer also announced that it would be implementing an updated inventory management feature.

This inventory feature will allow players to archive items they do not want to see in their customized item list. With these modifications, Rocket League is expected to lure in new gamers and ensure the loyalty of older players.