League Of Legends Developer Riot Games Donates $1,500,000 To COVID-19 Relief

League Of Legends Developer Riot Games Donates $1,500,000 To COVID-19 Relief
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

Riot Games has made a sizeable donation to the COVID-19 relief efforts in Los Angeles, California. Their monetary donation weighs in at $1.5 million, donated across several different outlets and from a few different sources.

Not all of this is coming straight from the treasury of Riot Games, though. Co-founders Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill donated $500,000 each, with the final third coming from the company itself.

Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti made the announcement in a recent press conference yesterday, thanking the gaming industry and Riot in particular for their help.

“We are blessed here in L.A. to have industries that not only fuel our city but our country and our world’s economy,” Garcetti stated in his announcement. “Gaming is one of those industries and one of the leaders in that space is Riot Games. They’re based right here in our city, and today that company and its founders are donating more than $800,000 to local nonprofits, including $200,000 to the Mayor’s Fund to support whatever is needed for COVID-19 relief.”

Riot later announced the full amount to clarify how much funding is being given. Reportedly, $400,000 of the donation is going to the Los Angeles Food Bank, which Riot has a history of working with. The funds that are going directly to the Mayor’s Fund is used to help with the costs of multiple welfare programs as well as care for children and seniors. The money also may be implemented to help low-income or unemployed residents. Any funds leftover from these allocations will be distributed among several other Los Angeles-based nonprofit companies.

All in all, it’s a fantastic effort to see from Riot. It’s been incredible to see how the gaming industry has almost universally stepped forward to help. Many have joked that they’re doing more than the United States government themselves is.

Riot is the latest to join in with the considerable relief efforts of the gaming community. We recently reported on Hinterland Studio selling their flagship title, The Long Dark, at a discount and donating all raised funds to the UNF and WHO. There are countless streamers that have banded together to raise funds as they stream.

If you’re looking for your latest way to help, we suggest checking out the Gamers vs. COVID-19 movement. The social media movement wracked up over 20,000 pledges to help keep people safe and the community happy as the days go on, and is only becoming a greater force for good every day.