Kerbal Space Program 2 Isn’t Coming Out Until 2022 According To Creative Director

Kerbal Space Program 2 Isn’t Coming Out Until 2022 According To Creative Director
Credit: Kerbal Space Program via YouTube

An acclaimed space flight simulator back in the day was Kerbal Space Program. It originally released in 2011 and at the time, garnered a lot of positive attention for its authenticity and deep physics-based systems.

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The game was so popular that a sequel was announced, but unfortunately, Kerbal Space Program 2 has suffered multiple delays. This year has been pretty hectic due to Covid-19 and civil unrest so it’s only natural that Kerbal Space Program 2 would take a hit.

Now, it’s not coming out until 2022 as reported by Nate Simpson — the Creative Director on the project. Simpson went on to say the delay is because the systems and new features aren’t quite ready. It takes a good bit of time implementing them in a way that’s balanced and optimal for the vision that the developers have for this space flight simulator.

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Their intentions are making a game that has a foundation to hold up for years, even if that means pushing back the release period until it’s truly ready. Fans probably won’t want to hear this news as that’s quite a considerable amount of time to wait.

Hopefully, the delay gives them enough time to see their true vision of the game come to light. It seems like they’re on a good path and have a great foundation to work off of already considering how great the original game was.

The sequel will feature all kinds of things, including new parts, incredible space ships, plenty of customization, colony building, and even modding support. That should give players plenty to enjoy when Kerbal Space Program 2 eventually releases.

To hold fans over, Intercept Games plans on releasing a lot of videos in 2021. They’ll hopefully show gameplay and some of the new features that they’ve been cooking up for some time now. Will the videos be enough to hold fans over until 2022? Time will tell, but at least the developer is honest about this unfortunate setback.

In the perfect world, they won’t suffer another one and can create one of the more memorable space exploration games that has come out in a long time. Until that time, the original game is still available to play on multiple platforms. It’s still a good time even in 2020.

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There are plenty of systems to master and although the learning curve is pretty difficult, you feel a wave of excitement mastering the physics systems. You feel like a pioneer in the realm of space exploration. That feeling stays with you for a long time.