Jolly Old England Scheduled To Receive A Facelift In Microsoft Flight Simulator Next

Jolly Old England Scheduled To Receive A Facelift In Microsoft Flight Simulator Next
Credit: IGN via YouTube

For those across the pond that have been wondering precisely where the love already shown for both Japan and the United States is going to arrive, you can finally put your pitchforks down.

The third content update for the critically acclaimed flight simulator, agreeably titled Microsoft Flight Simulator, is going to focus entirely on the United Kingdom, with a similar 50+ points of interest being updated and hand-crafted with new elevations and highly-detailed textures that outline some of the more notable spots within the UK.

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Currently on the roadmap for Microsoft Flight Simulator, they show that the content update is scheduled to drop on January 28, 2021; there are also no further locations scheduled to drop in terms of World Updates, at least through February.

Notes of interest thought to be included for everyone’s enjoyment while they’re cruising the porcelain skies (or whatever weather England is having, likely overcast and rainy) is Big Ben and the Tower of London, although Microsoft Flight Simulator hasn’t officially announced the upcoming PoI’s that will be included in the upcoming update, so they’re currently up for debate.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator began these PoI updates with breathtaking and sweeping vistas with brilliant views of Japan, followed immediately by an update to the continental United States which prominently features the Kennedy Space Station and Statue of Liberty, among dozens of other points across the continent which will be followed by jolly old UK.

The January update is scheduled to bring a bit more than just a facelift to the United Kingdom: an aerodynamics update is scheduled to drop on January 14 along with a feature discovery series dropping its next iteration, along with regularly scheduled feedback snapshots.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is already, some posit, bursting at the seams: it currently stands at 152.4 GB and is likely to only get larger.

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Some may note that it appears to be dwarfed only by Modern Warfare, but it’s worth noting that they’ve mapped the entire globe and, with this, offered the opportunity for flight enthusiasts to actually explore the world from the comfort of their own home, and these updates are offering far more as post-launch support begins to expand into fully-fledged extensions of the studio.

So while it may be getting a big larder with the upcoming updates, on top of real-time weather mapping and figuring out the current sky-traffic, users will one day in the near future be able to explore the entirety of the world in high detail.

Like we’ve been doing with Google Maps for a long time, just a bit harder.