Is League Of Legends Finally Coming To Mobile? Possible Leak Reveals What Gameplay Could Be Like

Is League Of Legends Finally Coming To Mobile? Possible Leak Reveals What Gameplay Could Be Like
Credit: League of Legends via Youtube

Since League of Legends was released nearly ten years ago, there have been consistent rumors about the PC-only game coming to a different platform – specifically a mobile version of the MOBA.

There is currently a range of different mobile adaptations of the game for mobile players to indulge in, but an actual League of Legends mobile game would be legendary.

Not only would this addition expand League’s player base substantially, but it would also be a serious moneymaker for Riot Games. Other PC and console games that have been created mobile versions, such as PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, are a prime example of this type of success.

In addition to that, mobile gaming has a significant industry on its own, and it would be a fantastic investment for Riot Games to jump on board with.

Despite this, the gaming company has often pushed back against requests to expand the game into the mobile scene – even after Chinese enterprise Tencent partnered with Riot as a parent company.

While there has been a lot of talk about Tencent’s desire to turn League of Legends into a mobile game, Riot Games hasn’t really jumped on board.

Just a few days ago, however, a video came out on Youtube showing off what appears to be a mobile version of League of Legends. While the title is in Chinese, a quick translation shows that its entitled: “League of Legends Mobile game video outflow.”

The 2 ½ minutes long video shows a set of hands holding a mobile device, where they load into a game of League of Legends and proceed to play in the bot lane as ADC Ezreal with Blitzcrank support.

Control buttons on either side of the screen allow the player to move, use abilities and summoner spells, and recall – as well as view chat logs, access the shop and view the map.

For the most part, the game looks just like it does on PC, save for a few features (such as certain turrets) that don’t appear to be implemented into the game yet.

While there have been many theories about when, how, and if Riot will introduce their own mobile League of Legends game, this video is one of the most believable possible leaks the Internet has come across.

Neither Riot Games or Tencent have made any comment about the video or if League really is coming to mobile, but it’s definitely stirred up the community.

Time will tell if League of Legends is gearing up to join the mobile scene, and hopefully, players have answers about the possible expansion soon.