Hunt: Showdown Is Out Of Steam’s Early Access Program; Two Game Modes And Large Maps Are Included At Launch

Hunt: Showdown Is Out Of Steam’s Early Access Program; Two Game Modes And Large Maps Are Included At Launch
Credit: Hunt: Showdown via YouTube

The first-person bounty hunter game Hunt: Showdown has officially graduated from Steam’s Early Access program. This will be a fully-fledged monster hunting experience, which was developed by the people at Crytek. Included in this official launch are two game modes and two large maps. Fans can expect additional content to surface in the progressing months.

For now, though, we have a pretty epic PvP to look forward to. Each match supports up to 12 players, who can hunt monsters in pairs of two, threes, or solo. You thus have plenty of variety to choose from depending on your preferred online style of gaming. The matches have a lot of meaning because death is permanent. Oh, and the loot that you have when you die drops for other players to pick up.

You and your potential squad must thus device hunting tactics if you wish to come away with a successful bounty. Hunt: Showdown does an amazing job with its open sandbox environments. You’re never really sure what’s around the corner and what areas are the safest to explore. Adding to the suspense is your inability to know how many players are in your session. It could be just you and another mate just waiting to get picked up by something lurking in the misty distance.

The two modes available at launch include Bounty Hunt and Quickplay. The former is comprised of different mission types, including solo boss target missions, random missions, and two boss target missions. The boss missions should add a level of difficulty that challenges even the most advanced first-person shooters.

Quickplay, on the other hand, is intended for those looking to battle these monsters solo. It plays a lot like a battle royale mode, quite honestly, with only one player coming out on top. You’ll compete to absorb the Wellspring’s energy, as well as close the four Rifts in the fabric of reality. It’s a challenging mode, possibly one that you venture into once you’ve had a little practice with the traditional Bounty Hunt mode.

What’s also amazing is the two maps being included at launch are extremely massive. There are reports of each one have 16 different areas to explore. There seems to be plenty of openness between you, other players, and of course, the monsters. That’s a pretty frightening thing to imagine. Something could come out of the shadows without warning.

If you like monster killing and want a unique challenge, Hunt: Showdown seems like the perfect pickup.