A New Patch Has Made Its Way To Wolfenstein: Youngblood; Now A Much Better Experience

A New Patch Has Made Its Way To Wolfenstein: Youngblood; Now A Much Better Experience
Credit: Meteorite Games via YouTube

Wolfenstein: Youngblood didn’t have the smoothest launch out of the games that came out this year. It has received sub-par reviews from a lot of respected outlets, including IGN. Most people agree its quite a step down from previous installments. There are several reasons for this. For one, the cast of characters really leave you wanting more.

Their dialogue is often tired and prevents you from getting stoked about any of the quests you’re on. Oh, and your AI companion is an absolute mess. You feel so much frustration when they just stand around and get hit by enemy fire. Well, fortunately, Arkane Studios isn’t giving up on the title. They are in fact about to release a much-needed patch, which is set to improve a lot of the issues people have had with this game since launch.

Most notably, your AI companion now will be smarter than ever. Now when you take enemy fire, your AI will actually retreat when appropriate. You thus don’t have to concern yourself about what they’ll do when the action gets intense. That’s not all. According to the 1.0.5 patch notes, your AI will also be able to heal you when you get downed. It’s a simple update but surprisingly has a large impact on your overall combat experience.

The bosses are also getting a much-needed upgrade. Their difficulty levels are being adjusted, and the noticeable bullet sponginess is being taking away. You also have the option to toggle on and off enemy health bars. If you’re looking for a more authentic combat experience, the off option certainly seems like an improvement. It will keep you guessing as to how many bullets to keep firing off at enemies.

Additionally, when you reach the more difficult sections in Wolfenstein: Youngblood, you’ll receive more frequent special weapon ammo. It’s certainly needed for bigger boss fights and the later portions of this game.

This update is currently out on PC, but the Switch, Xbox One, and PS4 will be getting it here in the next couple of days. These improvements should make Wolfenstein: Youngblood the game it was supposed to be at launch. Give credit to Arkane Studios, though.

They certainly listened to feedback from the community and made improvements where they were needed the most. It’s refreshing to see a developing company admit their faults and make the necessary adjustments going forward. These updates may be just enough to get you to buy this game or come back to it if you’ve been on a hiatus.