Just Two More Days Until Man Of Medan Game Releases, The First Entry In The Dark Pictures Anthology

Just Two More Days Until Man Of Medan Game Releases, The First Entry In The Dark Pictures Anthology
Credit: Supermassive Games via YouTube

The long-awaited Man of Medan will finally release this Friday, August 30th. The game is an indie-horror and is the first part in the Twilight Zone-style horror series called The Dark Pictures Anthology. Be sure to get your hands on this title if you happen to be a big fan of horror or story-driven titles.

Man of Medan will follow the story of five friends who take a trip out into the South Pacific together on a ship. Suddenly, a large and mysterious storm comes out of nowhere, turning the trip into more than the five friends bargained for. From there, things get bad. The tourists end up finding themselves on an old ghost ship with a mysterious curse: Players will need to navigate the story in a choose your own adventure-style game. Will you be able to make it to the end without any of the characters getting killed off?

The Dark Pictures Anthology is a series of horror games that will come out in an episodic format. Every new title will come out every six months, which means the next game after Man of Medan will come sometime in December or January. Man of Medan‘s developers, Supermassive Games, hope to release eight games in the anthology.

Much of the game is dialogue-driven. Players will choose responses to dialogues choices that will drive the plot of the game forward. Be careful, though, and each decision will have consequences that could affect the rest of the game.

Each episode in The Dark Pictures Anthology will be its own standalone story, so players can download whatever ones they end up being interested in without having to play through all of them. There will only be one feature common to all of the games: an enigmatic figure known as The Curator.

This Curator figure is sort of like the narrator of the series. They will introduce the characters and the setting of each new title.

There is no other information on whether or not the Curator will serve as one of the major figures of the final story or if Supermassive Games will only use the Curator as a frame story for the anthology. But it will be interesting to find out what happens either way.

If you’re curious about either the Man of Medan or The Dark Pictures Anthology, make sure to buy the first entry in the series on Friday for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC.