Hunt: Showdown’s Latest Patch Adds A New Arsenal Of Weaponry To The Hunt

Hunt: Showdown’s Latest Patch Adds A New Arsenal Of Weaponry To The Hunt
Credit: Hunt: Showdown via YouTube

Crytek recently implemented their latest patch to Hunt: Showdown, patch 1.2, which brought with it a massive slue of additions and features. We discussed the addition of the general gameplay changes in a previous post, as well as talking about the charitable New Orleans Fire Fighter DLC weaponry pack that is being sold to help with relief efforts for the Australian wildfires.

But these are far from the only additions being brought in with patch 1.2! One of the most notable additions coming as part of this patch is the handful of weapons being added to the arsenal for those brave enough to join in on the hunt.

There are four weapons being added, each of which fits into the melee weaponry class. These weapons add a greater mix of versatility and work fantastically for giving you more options when close quarters becomes necessary.

The first of these four weapons is the heavy knife, a “larger and more intimidating version of the regular knife tool” caught somewhere between a knife and a machete. The heavy knife is useful for taking out Grunts with one hit, as well as being able to cleave to more than one enemy. Due to its size, it takes a bit more stamina to wield.

Our second melee addition is the knuckle knife, a hybrid of a knife and a knuckle duster that allows for both Blunt and Piercing attacks. The knuckle knife’s melee attack does blunt damage with similar efficiency to the duster’s, capable of killing several immolators on a single stamina bar. While its heavy attack is slightly weaker than the knife’s, the knuckle knife can still kill Grunts with a single hit.

Third is the pitchfork, which is as excellent at stabbing enemies to death as you might expect. The pitchfork causes piercing damage with its heavy melee attack similar to the cavalry saber or a weapon’s bayonet. The regular melee attack is much weaker for damage, smacking enemies with the wooden handle of the pitchfork instead to stagger and buy time.

Finally, the shovel comes in as a great farming-tool-turned-weapon, with a sharpened edge that can cause rending damage that kills Grunts in a single strike. The heavy melee attack smacks your opponents with the broad side of the shovel, resulting in a satisfying thunk as well as decent damage.

These four weapons are live as of patch 1.2, as well as the other changes mentioned above! Every hunter should work to add these tools to their arsenal and get out there to collect a few bounties.