Horizon Zero Dawn For PC Has A New Update Out Now That Addresses Crashing Issues

Horizon Zero Dawn For PC Has A New Update Out Now That Addresses Crashing Issues
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Horizon Zero Dawn has been a huge hit for its developer, Guerrilla Games. They crafted a beautiful world filled with large mechanical creatures known as the machines.

It’s one of the more unique action role-playing games in some time, which originally debuted exclusively on the PS4 in 2017. It has since come to PC, although with mixed results. The bevvy of bugs have hindered it from gaining fanfare that Horizon Zero Dawn did when it released on the PlayStation 4.

Ever since this PC launch, players have reported a lot of crashes, performance problems, and graphical issues. That’s not what Guerrilla Games intended for this version, but they’re doing everything possible to right their wrongs.

A new update is actually out now on PC that seeks to fix a lot of issues that have been present for much of the Horizon Zero Dawn community. The main takeaway from this update is now there are far less crashes. Players can thus look forward to a more stable experience, not having to worry about starting over when running the game at certain points.

Of course, there will probably still be more crashes in the future. If players continue to experience problems, though, Guerrilla Games suggests reporting them so that they can address them as quickly as possible.

Patch 1.01 was a good start and this latest patch is a solid follow up. Slowly but surely, Horizon Zero Dawn will become a better experience — hopefully as good as it has been on the PS4. It really is an amazing action-adventure game to play.

Aloy is the perfect fit to play the main protagonist and the open-ended world leaves players with plenty of explorative opportunities. The lore in Horizon Zero Dawn also is spectacular.

How did these robot beasts come to be and what will happen if they go unchecked? These are the questions you’ll get to answer as you progress Aloy’s skills and interact with different tribes also located on the planet.

There’s so much satisfaction taking down these large mechanical beasts. They don’t all act the same and that gives you plenty of strategy to use. Every encounter presents a different combat scenario, whether it’s stealth or hacking robot technology.

The game feels endless with plenty of sights to see and things to do. As long as the developer keeps these much-needed updates coming strong, then the sky is the limit for PC players hoping for optimal experiences.