Horizon Zero Dawn Rumored To Be Coming To PC This Year

Horizon Zero Dawn Rumored To Be Coming To PC This Year
Credit: Sony

Horizon: Zero Dawn was released in 2017 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive and every gamer under the sun pretty much assumed it would remain as such, forever. Guerrilla Games, the game’s publisher, is a subsidiary of Sony, and Sony isn’t one to share its exclusives outside of its own consoles. Now word has it that the 2017 hit is coming to PC this year.

The news originally came from Kotaku, with them having no less than three sources confirming the story. The rumor also states that the game will come to both Steam and the Epic Games Store and will offer modern PC game options like higher framerates (the PlayStation 4 version was locked at 30 frames per second) and 4K resolution support.

This would be a pretty huge move on Sony’s part. Whether or not it’s a one and done deal or the beginning of a new business model likely depends on how well Horizon: Zero Dawn does on PC. As it stands, it’s one of the best-selling PlayStation 4 games of all time, so all signs point to it enjoying a nice second run on PC.

Horizon: Zero Dawn puts players in the shoes of Aloy, a hunter in search of her past in a world full of robot dinosaurs. The open-world setting was designed with the help of anthropologists, who guided the design team on creating a world overrun with decay.

The game was a major critical success, with plenty of praise heaped on its world-building and a story that was gripping all the way through to a satisfying conclusion. Unlike most games, seeking out audio logs and optional story material actually added a lot to the game, rather than just being a grind for the sake of trophies and completion.

An expansion for the game, The Frozen Wilds, was released in November 2017. Though there’s nothing to confirm this, it’s possible that the expansion will be included free with the PC port of Horizon: Zero Dawn. Publishers often do this when releasing a port of a game quite a while after its initial release, and next month will mark a full three years after the game hit PlayStation 4.

Then again, this is new behavior from Sony, so nobody really knows what to expect. The rumor definitely seems to be true and it’ll be interesting to see where Sony goes from here. If the game sells well, expect the company to try a PC release with at least a few more games.