Here Are Seraphine’s Abilities, Latest Champion In League Of Legends Which Is Coming Later This Month

Here Are Seraphine’s Abilities, Latest Champion In League Of Legends Which Is Coming Later This Month
Credit: Image via Riot Games

The abilities of Seraphine, the unreleased music-themed League of Legends champion, have been leaked—and it looks like she’ll light up the Rift with her vocals.

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Seraphine is the next League champ to be added to the game but her abilities have been clouded in mystery for months following the consistent build up on social media and her addition to the K/DA music group.

But now, her abilities have been leaked by a Reddit user and the names of each ability have been leaked on Twitter. Based on the leak, she visually has a relatively similar kit to support champ Sona. But it seems like she has all of the abilities required to dominate the mid lane as a scaling mage.

Seraphine could be important for support-based or utility-based compositions since she has significant AoE abilities and a built-in movement speed and shield buff for her teammates.

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Here are Seraphine’s leaked abilities.

Passive – Echo: Every third basic ability will echo, casting it again. Casting an ability grants a Note to an ally. For each Note, Seraphine’s next basic attack gains additional range and magic damage.

Q – High Note: Deal magic damage in a targeted area. The damage increases depending on the enemies’ missing health.

W – Surround Sound: Shield all nearby allied champions and grant them a movement speed buff. If Seraphine is already shielded, nearby allies receive a heal based on their missing health.

E – Beat Drop: Deals magic damage and slows to enemies hit. If the targets are already slowed, they’re rooted instead.

R – Encore: Deal magic damage and charm enemies hit by the spell. The spell extends whenever it hits an ally or enemy champion.

After seeing the abilities, the community complained that she is similar to Sona. She will release with the ultimate skin as well.

Not only does this skin announce Seraphine as a member (albeit temporary) of K/DA, it marks the sixth skin to be added to the game’s list of Ultimate skins. Other skins belonging to this skin line include Gun Goddess Miss Fortune and Elementalist Lux.

These ultimate skins bring unique new assets to champions both in-game and in their splash arts, offering evolutions that change the look of the skin as the game goes on.

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From these teasers, it looks as though the evolutions of Seraphine’s skin will document the stages of her life leading up to her debut with K/DA, as told through the comic series Riot released showing her life working in a boba shop before quitting to pursue music full time. Players will load into the game as a jumper-wearing, normal girl, and will end the game in Seraphine’s full celebrity stage costume for her performances with K/DA.