Hell Pie Is A Horrible 3D Platformer That You Might Have Missed

Hell Pie Is A Horrible 3D Platformer That You Might Have Missed
Credit: pcgamer

People have debated a basic philosophical subject since the beginning of time is occasionally posed in a game. For example, asking questions along the lines of, “What is the greatest method to reach the top of this towering fountain of liquid poo, and why is it by swinging from a big cherub on a chain?”

Hell Pie places you in the competent hooves of Nate, the Demon of Bad Taste, and combines a surprisingly skillful 3D platformer with an utter dump truck full of sexist humor. Nate gets the arduous task of gathering the ingredients for the lord of darkness’s birthday pie after receiving a call from his strict but cool boss, Satan, in the middle of a busy day.

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Nugget, your devoted cherub, is helping you with this chore. He is mainly obedient because you link him up and use him as a fleshy grappling hook to swing across the world and strike adversaries.

The four enormous levels are a veritable collector’s haven and stuffed items to the gills. There are also horns to help Nate break through barriers or illuminate his path, golden cats that open up new sections in Hell, and the revolting components for the pie itself. In addition, cans of odd food can power up Nugget and access new traversal techniques.
All of this is based on the assumption that you can get beyond the several fountains of blood, feces, crude jokes, and used tampons.

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Hell Pie is a technically excellent game, similar to the Binding of Isaac before it, but it can be a little challenging to suggest to your friends.

Having all that, it’s entertaining until you allow yourself to become comfortable in the Hell Pie aesthetic’s tepid, definitely entirely filled-with-urine swimming pool.

Swinging is enjoyable, as is using a cherub to smash adversaries, and the copy machine at the office of the demon of Bad Taste puts out numerous copies with dicks on them. Since it does.