Grow Big (or Go Home) Is A New Garden Simulation Game Available On Steam

Grow Big (or Go Home) Is A New Garden Simulation Game Available On Steam
Credit: Grow Big (or Go Home)

Grow Big (or Go Home) is an indie title from Quarant Inc that places players in charge of an interesting garden simulator. Players interact with a pixel art garden as they travel through several interesting levels. You pay as Bruce, the world’s premier indoor gardener, and you must show that everyone can grow big, or go home.

This game is an interesting and diverse experience as players travel to different locations, eras, and more. With the help of high-tech magic, a watering can, and a reflective mirror, players must solve a wide range of puzzle and experience what it means to be an indoor gardener.

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Enter into a 2D pixel-art indoor gardening simulator. Players will have to progress through 15+ fast-paced levels. Travel to different locations and eras as you experiment with unique water, light, and more to tend to plants. This is a puzzle game that will challenge players to Grow Big (or Go Home).

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This game comes complete with original themed music from a talented sound designer. Each tune compliments the 15 imaginative levels that will place players in a final and difficult challenge set in Hell. If players manage to make it to the end,

The game has simple controls with a simple concept. This makes it easy to learn experience, but the challenging puzzles and evolving concepts make it difficult to master. Continue to watch the game grow as you slowly grow the plants in each of the puzzle environments.

To make this an even more interesting title, the game is done in a wonderfully simple pixel art design. This makes it a clear and defined game without focusing on complicated environments or realism.

This game takes players to difficult cultures, planets, worlds, and locations. It is a challenging and difficult experience, but at least it stretches to strange places.

This is a great game for players of all ages. Although its simplistic design may be a deterrent, it gives the game a rather cute and playful style. Plant, garden, and more as you grow big or get sent home.

For more information be sure to explore the game’s developer website, Steam page, and social media. The developers are fairly small, but there is still a decent amount of content out there for interested fans to explore.

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Grow Big (or Go Home) is available on Steam right now. The game is still fairly new so players are advised to leave a review and let the developers know what they think.