The Next Collection Event In Apex Legends Is Called Fight Night, Leaked Details About What To Expect

The Next Collection Event In Apex Legends Is Called Fight Night, Leaked Details About What To Expect
Credit: Respawn via YouTube

Each Collection Event in Apex Legends introduces a bunch of new cosmetics and an Heirloom, one of the rare melee items now available for several different legends. The next event is called Fight Night, according to multiple sources.

It’s also expected that the next legend to get an Heirloom will be Gibraltar. As one of the original cast of Apex Legends, it’s about time everyone’s much-loved (or hated, depending on which side of the gunshield you are) legend gets his hands on an Heirloom.

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Beware, spoilers below! Here’s a look at a leaked trailer thanks to top Apex Legends dataminer and leaker, @biast12 on Twitter.

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Although we don’t get a glimpse of Gibby’s heirloom, there are plenty of other details to unpack from this short teaser. Pathfinder is getting a Town Takeover, and there are some classy-looking skins on their way.

Pathfinder’s Town Takeover, which will be the first on new map Olympus, looks like a boxing ring set up in the empty space next to the POI Docks on Olympus. That’s where those crates that campers love to sit on top of currently are, right next to the front of Carrier.

In terms of skins, each Collection Event brings with it the largest amount of skins of any of Apex Legend’s events. This time around there’s a sort of high-style noir-feel to the skins, with Pathfinder even sporting a fedora.

Here’s a glimpse at one of the leaked skins for Bloodhound, a black suit or detective coat. This is just one of the leaked skins you can see in the trailer above, but you don’t have to watch the rest unless you don’t mind spoilers!

Other characters that are receiving skins include Wattson and Revenant, although each event has plenty of skins to go around.

How do we know the next Heirloom is for Gibraltar? Well, that’s been leaked as well. It’s the axe he’s seen using in some of his finisher animations and banner poses. You will be able to get the Heirloom if you buy every skin in the event.

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Lastly, when does the next collection event start? It’s likely to happen in early 2021. This year we had the Grand Soiree in January with a similar set of skins, it could be that Fight Night arrives at a similar sort of time.