Grabbing Ardenweald’s Spinemaw Gladechewer Rare Mount In World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Grabbing Ardenweald’s Spinemaw Gladechewer Rare Mount In World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands
Credit: World of Warcraft

Blizzard has absolutely filled World of Warcraft: Shadowlands with a bunch of new collectibles, from mounts and items to transmogs and toys. Ardenweald especially is filled with some easy-to-obtain mounts.

We’ve discussed the Arboreal Gulper, Shimmermist Runner, and Wildseed Cradle, all of which are extremely easy to get. While the first two require one to fight a rare mob, the third is as simple as a scavenger hunt.

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But if you’re in the mood for a more combat-centric option, the Spinemaw Gladechewer presents a bit more of a challenge. Players will need to farm up the rare that causes this to appear through a small chain of fights.

Once they’ve managed to get the proper rare to spawn, most are reporting a 100% drop chance for this mount. While this can’t be confirmed, the drop chance is certainly very high, with a decent likelihood that it’s guaranteed for players.

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Head to the Mistveil Tangle area of Ardenweald, part of the maze that makes up the entrance to Tirna Scithe. This is the same area that one would find the Shimmermist Runner mount, so it’s likely you won’t be alone in this area.

From there, you’ll want to find Bristlecone Bone-Breaker mobs, focusing down Bristlecone Terrors. This allows you to kill them, giving a small chance to spawn a mob named Chompy.

From there, kill Chompy – yes, that simple. Doing this causes Gormtamer Tizo to spawn and come fight you, which is the mob that drops the Spinemaw Gladechewer itself. Gormtamer Tizo isn’t quite a pushover, so be ready for a fight that’s a bit more formidable than the elite mobs surrounding the area – especially if you end up pulling more than one.

The chance for the Bristlecone Terrors to spawn Chompy isn’t quite known, but it’s far from a guarantee. It’s also assumed that there’s a timer on how often Chompy can be summoned. That said, it seems to be guaranteed to summon Gormtamer Tizo when you slay Chompy, so be ready!

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Given the abundance of elites, it’s unlikely that you’ll want to do this alone. While you might be able to take them down, it’ll go faster with a group, allowing you to work on that drop chance much easier.

This rare is also part of the achievement Adventurer of Ardenweald! While this achievement, earned by completing a set of special encounters in Ardenweald, doesn’t give a direct reward, it’s a solid goal to strive towards and earn a great number of rewards along the way.