Ardenweald’s Easy To Obtain Shimmermist Runner Mount In World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Ardenweald’s Easy To Obtain Shimmermist Runner Mount In World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Blizzard’s World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has been enjoying a wonderful launch this week, with players exploring the five new zones to discover as much as they possibly can.

One of the zones, Ardenweald, holds a wealth of secrets. Players have been able to obtain several mounts in this zone, most of which are extremely easy to obtain.

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The first that one may notice is the Shimmermist Runner, a unicorn mount that players can obtain by defeating a single rare mob – but with a bit of a twist. True to Ardenweald’s tone, one has to play a game if they want to obtain their prize.

Players will need to run through a maze in the proper way to make it so that they can properly obtain the rare. By fighting against a rare Spriggan mob at the end of the maze, which is found tormenting the Shimmermist Runner, players can then right-click the mount itself to obtain it.

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If you’ve run Mists of Tirna Scithe, you’ll notice that the maze is an uninstanced version of the second boss of that dungeon. There, players usually need to play a Spot the Difference minigame to progress through mist walls.

With the uninstanced version, the maze is instead filled with heavy-hitting elite mobs that can make this dangerous to do alone. While the path can be ran on a mount fast enough to avoid most of the damage, drawing aggro from these mounts will endanger you, and being dismounted can often end in death unless you have some manner of escape.

Entering from the Oaken Assembly, players will need to run the maze in the proper order to encounter Shizgher at the end. Entering from any other entrance to the maze will render the maze unable to be finished – if you have coordinates from an addon, the entrance is found at 31.04, 54.51, according to Wowhead.

From there, the proper pattern is – left, right, left, right, forward, left. At the end of this pattern, players will find the Spriggan Shizgher, who isn’t too tough of a fight but will pose a hefty challenge for new or ungeared players.

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Combined with the difficulty that the elites in the maze may present, this means that it’s a wonderful time to bring your friends, or at least a group of players from the group finder or general chat! Plenty of players are always trying to grab the mount, so you shouldn’t struggle too much to find a group.

If you hit the end of the maze and Shizgher isn’t there, he may not have spawned yet – you can see him without entering the area if he has spawned, and disappears when you enter. If you know that he’s there and you can’t see him when finishing, you’ve likely made some mistake – exit the maze entirely to reset and try again!