Obtaining Revendreth’s Old Blanchy Mount In World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Obtaining Revendreth’s Old Blanchy Mount In World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

Blizzard’s World of Warcraft has existed for sixteen years now, and there’s plenty of characters that players have attached their nostalgia and emotion to that we’re seeing appear again now in the afterlife of the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion.

There’s plenty of these – Houndmaster Loksey, Kael’thas, Garrosh, Draka, Uther, and… a mule. Old Blanchy, the beloved mule NPC from the Alliance leveling zone Westfall, can be found running around the land of Revendreth.

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There’s an interesting implication here as well. Many have been joking about how Old Blanchy apparently possessed enough pride and arrogance to be sent to Revendreth, likening the mule to the other tyrants that were sent there.

Either way, Old Blanchy is quite literally running around amongst the Venthyr territory. Players that show some love and care are able to calm the old mule and obtain them as a mount – a rather sinister version, titled Sinrunner Blanchy.

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This will take six days and six items, as well as a decent bit of luck. Players will need to obtain these items, which can be done ahead of time, and interact with Old Blanchy’s spirit six times until the Sinrunner trusts you enough to allow you to obtain them as a mount.

Players will need 8 Handful of Oats from Westfall, 1 Grooming Brush, 4 Sturdy Horseshoes, 1 Bucket of Clean Water, 1 Comfortable Saddle Blanket, and 3 Dredhollow Apples. Aside from the oats, all of these items are obtainable from Revendreth from a variety of sources.

The items also will be used in the order given above, beginning with the oats for the first day and the apples on the last. It will take six days, though it’s unknown if these have to be six consecutive days, as the expansion has only been out long enough for players to just begin obtaining Sinrunner Blanchy.

Once this is done, you’re done too! Sinrunner Blanchy will submit to you with the above completed, giving you the ghostly prideful mule as a mount.

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There’s at least one easter egg with the mount as well. If you ride Sinrunner Blanchy to Westfall, you can show the mount its own corpse, which is objectively just an awful thing to do to anyone, whether they’re a mule or not.

Doing so will forcibly dismount you and provide the flavor text “Sinrunner Blanchy screams in anguish and then fades from view.” It seems that, understandably so, Sinrunner Blanchy reacts quite viscerally to being shown their own dead body.