Google Is Denying Claims That Stadia Is The Netflix Of Video Games; Compares It More To PS Plus And Xbox Live Gold

Google Is Denying Claims That Stadia Is The Netflix Of Video Games; Compares It More To PS Plus And Xbox Live Gold
Credit: Tech Insider via YouTube

Much is being made of game streaming. Many believe it’s where the future of gaming lies. The reason for this is simple: It provides convenient experiences for those that can’t afford the latest and greatest consoles.

With game streaming, all you would need is a controller, a strong internet connection, and a subscription to a platform. These are all things Google Stadia is planning to offer when it officially arrives in November.

Based on the many details that have been provided, many are claiming the Stadia to be the Netflix of video games. Although this comparison isn’t that negative considering how popular Netflix is as a video streaming platform, Google believes these comparisons aren’t apt.

Weighing in on the matter recently was Stadia product director, Andrey Doronichev. He directly states that the upcoming platform isn’t Netflix for games. Rather, he believes it’s similar to streaming platforms like PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold. On paper, this is probably true.

Both platforms strive to give its users a convenient experience as far as buying and playing video games. The Stadia aims to do the same thing. It would simplify the process of getting classic and new games.

Another similarity that the Stadia will share with both PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold is their free game offerings and discounts. These benefits are a huge reason why gamers sign up to these platforms in the first place.

The Stadia would give away one or two games for free, and of course, there will be regularly discounts on same great games. It’s a brilliant strategy from the people behind Google Stadia. It could influence a lot of gamers to make the digital switch.

So far, some incredible titles are coming to this system. These include Doom Eternal, Destiny 2, Baldur’s Gate 3, Mortal Kombat 11, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and Borderlands 3 just to name a few.

As far as the prices of these games, they will be the same as those offered on traditional consoles. A lot of gamers were angered by this news, and it’s unclear if Google will adjust their pricing strategy going forward.

It does appear that the Stadia will have a lot of games for free for those that pay a $10 monthly fee. Let’s see what other great offerings the Stadia can produce. Google needs to come up with something impressive, especially as the new wave of consoles for Sony and Microsoft are set to release here pretty soon.