Google Has Plans Of Creating Its Own Gaming Subscription Service

Google Has Plans Of Creating Its Own Gaming Subscription Service
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

When people think of Google, their ever-popular search engine immediately comes to mind. It’s what has defined them for so long, and rightfully so. Now, there are rumors circulating about this technology company dipping their toes into the gaming industry.

Apparently, they’ll be announcing a gaming project that they’ve been working on at the Game Developers Conference on March 19. Not much is known about their plans except for the brief tagline ‘Gather Around’, which was sent out in an invitation regarding their upcoming presentation.

Several sources have confirmed Google is working on a gaming subscription service, much like what Netflix does for movies. It’s about time they entered the gaming sector. They’ve been technological pioneers for so many years. It only makes sense that they would try their hand in creating and providing games on a global scale.

Gamefly is one of the only companies that comes to mind that offers a subscription-based gaming service. They’ve been in business ever since 2002, and it’s about time they got some competition. This is a win-win for gamers. Now, Google can give gamers more options as far as where they get their games.

The rental game industry is pretty promising. Gamers who don’t want to make the full commitment of buying can rent games to see if they’re worth purchasing. Some games also only take several days to complete, so purchasing a copy doesn’t always make sense. Google sees this opportunity, and apparently, is looking to capitalize on it in the next few years.

So, can their subscription game service work? All signs are pointing towards yes. As mentioned earlier, there aren’t many companies in the game subscription sector. They could provide a much-needed service and improve the rental experience for so many gamers.

In addition to a subscription game service, there are reports indicating that Google is possibly interested in creating a console. This is also fascinating. Could they compete with gaming titans like Microsoft and Sony? They are both about to unleash new consoles, and the addition of a Google console would make the competition even more interesting.

Of course, these are just rumors. We’ll have to wait patiently until the conference on March 19 to find out concrete details of Google’s gaming plans. Still, this news is worth getting excited about. Google could finally make its mark in the gaming sector, giving gamers another reason to get excited about upcoming titles.