Bioware Quick To Solve End-Game Issue Of Anthem; Fans Impressed By The Fast Response

Bioware Quick To Solve End-Game Issue Of Anthem; Fans Impressed By The Fast Response
Credit: Origin

BioWare was quick to solve the end-game issue of its Anthem game. With such a fast response, many fans have shared their satisfaction.

After responding immediately to the players’ discovery, the developer earned their nod. For them, it was something that showed the team’s hard work.

However, there are still some who would not like to give the developer full credit for the resolution.

Those who managed to enjoy the pre-launch access to the game have discovered a short-cut to skip the difficult grind. This is the phase in Anthem game wherein the players experience high-level difficulty.

When players reach level 30, they begin with Grandmaster I. Then, they need to pass the extra difficult challenges until they reach Grandmaster 3.

As they climb up, the obstacles become more and more difficult. At some point, it seems that the game does not want anyone to finish it.

The brilliant and wise ones were able to find an easier way to enjoy the best loots sans the trouble. They managed to discover the farming method that makes the Anthem game players’ lives a lot easier.

By going to free play, they were able to gather the Masterwork and Legendary gear in a faster manner.

This alarmed the developer. Thus, with less than a day following the discovery, BioWare released the necessary patch. Jesse Anderson, the game’s community manager, took to Twitter to announce this development.

He said the team has already reduced the possibility of getting items, particularly the high rarity ones, in free play. These are found in the chests in the non-event world.

Moreover, this patch is applicable to all Anthem game levels, no matter which difficulty the players are in.

With this action, Lignum (Mr_Lignum) shared appreciation to the team. Replying to Anderson’s tweet, he said BioWare showed that they are “on top of things.”

For Joe Savero (@skatedc711) what the team did was impressive, especially with such kind of speed. GoldCartridgeGamer (@GoldCartridgeGamer) commented that the developer just earned a purchase from him.

While many showed their utmost appreciation to the team, Miz (@miz_OL) pointed out that no one can be blamed for what happened.

Accordingly, the exploit was fixed simply because the fans found it. In short, nothing was ever addressed without the gamers talking about it.

Playing the Anthem game means that the gamers have to be curious enough to discover a lot of things. VG247 hinted that the game is packed with numerous features that the developer never inform the players about.

To all the Anthem game fans, keep posted as we discover more details on how to improve your performance.