Gamer Starts Having Seizure And Online Friend Saves The Day

Gamer Starts Having Seizure And Online Friend Saves The Day
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

A BBC news article has popped up about an online gamer helping out another that was in dire need. A 17-year-old gamer named Aidan Jackson was playing online with a friend Dia Lathora. Jackson, who is from Liverpool, England, started having a seizure, and Lathora, who lives in Texas, jumped into action.

She had her headset on, and she knew right away that it sounded like Jackson was having a seizure. Lathora, 20 years old, kept asking Jackson if he was okay, but he wasn’t answering her. She knew she had to act quickly, but there were a lot of obstacles in her way.

Lathora lives in the US, and she knew Jackson’s home address. But that was it. She didn’t have any contact information for his family. Jackson’s parents were downstairs watching TV and had no idea that Jackson was seizing upstairs in his bedroom.

Also, living in the States, she didn’t have experience with calling European numbers. Lathora was able to make it happen, though. She tried calling the emergency line in Liverpool, but it didn’t work. She then decided to try the non-emergency line. She got ahold of the non-emergency department, and 40 minutes later, they arrived at the doorstep of Jackon’s house.

Confused, Jackon’s mom ran upstairs to Jackson’s room. She found him extremely disoriented. The paramedics took care of him, and now the family is awaiting some tests.

What an amazing story! It’s incredible how someone who lives on another continent can have such an impact on somebody’s life so rapidly. If Lathoria wasn’t playing with Jackson at the time, or if she wasn’t as alert as she was, who knows how this story ends?

It took around 40 minutes for the paramedics to tend to Jackson, and at that point, he was disoriented. It sounds like he was still conscious and breathing, which is excellent. But if Lathoria didn’t contact the non-emergency line, Jackson may not have gotten help for hours.

His parents were downstairs watching TV. They may have gone to bed without checking on him, assuming he was in his room, either gaming or going to bed.

This situation could have gone a few different ways, but Lathoria did her best to make the outcome the best possible. Hopefully, Jackson gets well soon!