Forging Bonds With Dungeons And Dragons’ New Unity Cleric

Forging Bonds With Dungeons And Dragons’ New Unity Cleric
Credit: D&D Beyond via YouTube

Dungeons and Dragons is constantly evolving, in no small part thanks to the Unearthed Arcana that continuously puts out new test materials. The builds found here are generally for playtesting so that Wizards of the Coast can receive extensive feedback on how best to tweak the content. Sometimes the Unearthed Arcana content is overpowered, sometimes it’s weak, and sometimes Wizards managed to get it right on the first try!

One of the latest of the bunch to hit Unearthed Arcana is the Unity Domain Cleric, a holy warrior that serves in the interest of strength in unity and the bonds forged between friends, family, and loved ones. Clerics of this domain are often more support-based with a heavy focus on protection and buffing allies, earning domain spells like Beacon of Hope, Heroism, Rary’s Telepathic Bond, and Shield of Faith, as well as their own domain features.

The first of these features is available immediately at first level, titled Emboldening Bond. Using this ability, the Unity Cleric creates a bond between two willing creatures (including themselves) that lasts for one hour. The bonded creatures can roll a d4 and add the number rolled to an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw once per turn, assuming they’re within 30 feet of their bonded ally.

The second, Shared Burden, allows the Cleric to use their reaction on a number of creatures equal to their Wisdom modifier. Doing so distributes the damage taken between the original target of an attack and the chosen creatures, splitting the damage however they see fit. It’s fantastic to keep the squishy casters alive when the tank is down and out.

At sixth level, Unity Clerics earn Protective Bond, granting a powerful buff to a bonded ally. Emboldening Bond allows the bonded creature to use their reaction to grant resistance to all damage that their bondmate takes, making them significantly harder to take down. This buff lasts until the end of the current turn. At the eighth level, the cleric also earns Potent Spellcasting, allowing them to add their Wisdom modifier to the damage they deal with cleric cantrips.

At seventeenth level, the Unity Cleric earns Enduring Unity, allowing the bond to stretch across any distance (assuming the bonded are on the same plane of existence). Additionally, when a creature targeted for Emboldening Bond is reduced to zero hitpoints, their bonded partner gains a powerful buff that grants the following:

  • Advantage on attack rolls, ability checks, and saving throws
  • Resistance to all damage
  • Can use an action to touch their bonded partner and expend/roll any number of Hit Dice, healing their partner for the total

And that’s the Unity Cleric! It’s an incredibly powerful support-based spellcasting Cleric that will absolutely excel at keeping parties alive and protected. There’s a wonderful variety of roleplay options, as well as any twist on the concept of Unity you may way to apply. If you’re rolling a Unity Cleric, what God of Unity would you serve – they range from the holiest Lawful Goods to the most dastardly Evils you can imagine.