Enjoy An Unforgettable Vacation As The Touryst, Coming To Nintendo Switch This Month

Enjoy An Unforgettable Vacation As The Touryst, Coming To Nintendo Switch This Month
Credit: Nintendo via YouTube

Pull out the suitcase and fill it with flowered beach shirts and short-shorts, gamers are going on a vacation they won’t soon forget.

The Touryst is flying to the Nintendo Switch on November 21.

The gamer plays as a touryst… or tourist… let’s say touryst. The destinations on the itinerary are the Monument Islands.

The vacation is supposed to be a time to relax and sunbathe, as well as letting loose on the dance floor. Maybe if there’s time, the touryst can hop into the arcade and play a few rounds. The player will quickly realize, however, that there’s more to the archipelago than meets the eye.

A strange old vacationer will mention something about ancient monuments and a mystery that shrouds them. The curiosity becomes too much, and so the adventure begins. How can the player have a care-free vacation when there is an ancient secret out there?

The player will take the touryst to exotic islands and fun boardwalks, as well as secretive places like into a mine, down secret passages, and beneath these mysterious ancient monuments.

Here is a trailer gamers can check out for The Touryst:

The Touryst is billed as an action-adventure, puzzle game, and features a blocky, lego-like art style. It is an arcade-style game like utilizes simple game mechanics and commands.

The gamer will perform actions, including solving puzzles, climbing down ropes, surfing, and scuba diving all the while they interact with the world around them, solving the mystery of the monuments.

The puzzles in the trailer seem much more intense then drinking a Shirley Temple in a hammock, that’s for sure.

Nintendo Switch gamers will be able to play The Touryst via TV mode, Tabletop mode, and Handheld mode.

This is only a single-player game, so players will have to leave their family behind and go on this solo vacation alone.

The game is published and developed by Shin’en Multimedia, and it will cost Switch gamers $19.99. It can be bought through the Nintendo eShop, and it will be available to play on November 21.

The download size is quite small compared to other games, only taking up 204 MB.

As of right now, The Touryst is only coming out on Nintendo Switch, no other platforms. If gamers don’t have the Switch but want the game, they may have to go on a real-life vacation to make up for it. On second thought, they can just use that money to buy a Switch and The Touryst.