Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim Special Edition Weekly Mod Showcase 6/19 – Follower Enhancements And Jk Sleeping Giant Inn

Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim Special Edition Weekly Mod Showcase 6/19 – Follower Enhancements And Jk Sleeping Giant Inn
Credit: Bethesda via Youtube

The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim is one of those titles that seems to never age. This is partly due to Bethesda releasing a new version of it for a different platform each week, but mostly this is thanks to the hard work of the dedicated modding community.

For those not in the know, mods are addons or changes to the base game of Skyrim created by the players for the players. The Skyrim Nexus, a hub website for mod content creators, holds everything from bikini armor to adorn Lydia to epic quest and sprawling additional dungeons.

Each week, a select few mods are showcased here that represent some of the best that the Nexus has to offer. This week in particular holds three mods that you should absolutely consider adding to your load order.

First up is another mod by the well known Jkrojmal, better known as the mind behind the Jk’s Skyrim series. He has released overhaul after overhaul of cities and player homes and is one of the best at what he does. This time, Jk has set his sights on a humble inn within Riverwood.

JK’s Sleeping Giant Inn is a subtle but beautiful overhaul of the titular inn. All of the additions have been carefully thought of to fit the lore and gameplay of Skyrim. For example, the innkeeper here named Ognar describes himself as the cook, but there is nary a cooking spit or oven to be found in the base game. Jk has taken it upon himself to remedy this, and this is just one example of what the mod has to offer.

One of the cooler types of mods on the Nexus are those that overhaul followers. There are several amazing options to allow the player to have more than one follower at a time. One problem with this though is that for the most part follower AI and collision features stay the same as the base game. That means you can theoretically have 30 followers at one time, but good luck trying to backtrack your way through a dungeon with all those bodies in the way.

With the mod Disable Follower Collision by Felisky however, this is no longer a problem. The mod author disables collision between the player and allied NPCs, making traversing a dungeon with multiple followers a breeze. Unlike the console command tcl, this command included in the mod does not disable collision between the player and the floor.

The last mod featured for this week is a very new one; it was originally uploaded just a few days ago. Yyvengar Bodypaint – Designs of the Lupine – RaceMenu Overlays created by DomainWolf is a mod that adds beautifully crafted and themed tattoos and warpaints into the game for the player character to wear.

The description for the mod reads, “This mod adds 10 new bodypaint designs, compatible with both Male bodies and CBBE and UNP female bodies. The designs are based in the upcoming Lupine 2 mod I am currently working on, and I hope to be able to release additional volumes from the ‘Designs of the Lupine’.”

This means not only does the community get to enjoy these beautiful overlays for the meantime, but also that there are more hopefully coming soon.

That about wraps up the mod list for this week. Next week, three more amazing mods will be featured, so make room in your load orders and come back here.