EA Removes FIFA 21 Sudamericana And Libertadores League SBCs Then Replaces Them With Worse Packs And A Reduced Time Limit

EA Removes FIFA 21 Sudamericana And Libertadores League SBCs Then Replaces Them With Worse Packs And A Reduced Time Limit
Credit: EA Sports via YouTube

Last week EA added in the first league SBCs of FIFA 21, the Sudamericana, and Libertadores SBCs which finally give some value to those random grey cards you pack every now and then. These SBCs were super popular last year with those who wanted to put in the time to build team after team to make a serious profit – this year around, EA have been more cautious when it comes to how much the SBCs actually reward the player.

They were originally added last week and then quickly removed, within 30 minutes. Most people got the players they dumped into the SBC back, although there are some in the community saying that they have yet to see their wasted cards be returned to their account. The Sudamericana and Libertadores league SBCs were added again today by EA – but with some big changes.

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One of the positives of the league SBCs was that they featured an 86+ pack for the Libertadores SBC and an 83+ for the Sudamericana. Those who managed to complete these SBCs in time were rewarded with some fairly decent packs, although you only had about 30 minutes to fill in each squad.

Many of the packs that were tradeable last year are now untradeable. These are the packs you get for completing each team of the SBC, and even the quality of the packs has been decreased compared to last year. There are now more silver packs and several 5k or 7k packs compared to last year’s packs.

Overall, this makes it much harder to make a steady profit from the league SBCs, and they’re also only available for a limited time. It’s almost as if EA realized that people were using the system to make coins and decided they’d rather not have that happening.

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That being said, these are still the first packs you can grind out in FIFA 21, even if the rewards aren’t as good as they were last year. Expect the prices of Lib and Sud cards to go through the roof for the next couple of days before leveling out in a couple of weeks.

How the market reacts to these SBCs will be interesting as they are only available for a limited time. This could keep the price of those special cards higher for the 30 days the SBC is available rather than the big drop they saw last year.