Dragon Age 4 Will Be Shown Off At The Game Awards 2020, According To Geoff Knightly

Dragon Age 4 Will Be Shown Off At The Game Awards 2020, According To Geoff Knightly
Credit: BioWare

Dragon Age 4 has been in development for years, and fans are eagerly awaiting any news or footage pertaining to this long awaited sequel.

According to Geoff Keighley, the creator of The Game Awards, there will be a special look at the upcoming fourth installment of the Dragon Age series at the award show this year.

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He announced this via a tweet.

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“Don’t miss a special look at the next Dragon Age from BioWare during The Game Awards Next Thursday,” he said on December 4, which is also known among the fan community as Dragon Age Day.

The language he used was interesting. Not a new trailer, not in game footage. He called it a special look.

So, this could mean one of several things.

Best case scenario, we get our first real look at this game outside of concept art and teaser images. It could be a full trailer giving us a look at some of the game play, cutscenes, plot, and maybe even a release window.

The worst and more likely scenario, it’s nothing more than a series of concept art shots over a number of developers talking about their passion for this project.

It’s also interesting that he did not call it Dragon Age 4, as so many online have dubbed it. That practically confirms that it will have a title without a number in it.

The first Dragon Age game is Dragon Age Origins. That was followed up by Dragon Age 2. However, the game that many assumed would be Dragon Age 3 was actually Dragon Age Inquisition. This leads many to believe that the upcoming fourth installment will also have a title instead of a number.

The first teaser trailer for the game premiered a full two years ago, also at The Game Awards.

Of course, this was also basically nothing. All you saw was a piece of artwork while hearing a spoken quote from Solas, a character from Dragon Age Inquisition, who many believe will play a major role in the next game.

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BioWare has been shaken up as of late. Just this week, it was announced that BioWare general manager Casey Hudson and Dragon Age executive producer Mark Darrah were “retiring” from the developer to make way for the next generation of BioWare creatives.

It’s odd to see two high ranking members of a project like this suddenly decide to retire in the middle of development. Many are wondering if their resignations were entirely voluntary, or if EA is making some much needed changes to the BioWare universe.