Tacticals Improve The Sentinel And Marauder Classes In Star Wars The Old Republic

Tacticals Improve The Sentinel And Marauder Classes In Star Wars The Old Republic
Credit: moviemaniacsDE

The Sentinel and Marauder classes are two of the four pure DPS classes, though these two are the melee ones. As such, they have unique abilities to give them an edge in both PVP and PVE content and require special tacticals to make them even more devastating in battle.

The first Sentinel and Marauder Tactical item is the Defel Spliced Genes. Named after the species from the planet Af’El, this tactical makes it so activating Transcendence/Predation finishes the cooldown of Force Camouflage. This tactical is gained from Daily reward crates and their respective Weekly Missions as well, though it is gained via random drops.

The next Tactical Item is Grievous Wounds. Grievous Wounds makes it so Leg Slash/Crippling Slash’s trauma and slow effects last twice as long. This item can be gained from PvP Equipment Crates. The Hidden Power Tactical makes it so Force Camouflage generates two focus per second, and is gained randomly from Conquest Equipment Crates.

The Undying Cloak tactical makes it so taking damage while Rebuke/Cloak of Pain is active reduces the cooldown of Guarded by the Force by 5 seconds per hit. This effect, however, cannot occur more than once every 2 seconds.  And this is the first Sentinel/Marauder tactical that is has to be crafted. This Tactical is crafted from the Cybertech ability.

The next Tacticals are tied to specific Disciplines. For the Combat/Carnage discipline, we have Andeddu’s Malevolence. Named after the Sith Lord Darth Andeddu, this Tactical makes it so Precision/Ferocity is always active. However, it only grants a 50% armor penetration. This tactical is gained randomly from defeating Operation bosses.

The Fanged God Form Tactical makes using Blade Rush/Massacre add Hyper stacks to the player, increasing the critical chance by 10% and reducing the cost of the next Blade Rush/Massacre by 1 focus per stack. This will stack 3 times and lasts 10 seconds or until an ability other than Blade Rush is used. This Tactical is gained randomly from Flashpoint bosses.

The Prosecution Tactical has Clashing Blast/Devastating Blast is now affected by Force Clarity, and is gained from Daily and Weekly reward crates. The Tome of Unyielding Blades tactical has Force Sweep/Smash cause the next Blade Rush to do damage to up to 8 enemies near the primary target and is gained from Flashpoint bosses.

The next discipline-specific Tacticals are for the Watchman and Annihilation disciplines. And the first one is Malmourral Mask, which makes it so that, when Merciless Slash/Annihilate deals damage to an enemy affected by Force Melt, it triggers a burst of damage to up to 8 targets around them. This tactical is gained by defeating Flashpoint bosses.

The No Time for Fools Tactical has Merciless Slash/Annihilate automatically kills standard and weak enemies with less than 30% health. Killing an enemy will reset the the cooldown of Merciless Slash/Annihilate. This Tactical drops from Daily and Weekly reward crates.

The Spiteful Saber Tactical has Slash/Vicious Slash, Dispatch/Vicious Throw, and Twin Saber Throw/Dual Saber Throw refresh the duration of Cauterize Rupture’s burn effect and ticks its damage. This Tactical drops from Daily and Weekly reward crates. The Thirsty Blade Tactical has Blade Barrage/Ravage deal 5% more damage for each burn stacked on the target, up to 25%, and is gained from Flashpoint bosses.

The final disciplines for these classes are Concentration and Fury. These are modified by several tacticals as well, starting with Cauterized Coronary. With Cauterized Coronary, Concentrated Slice/Furious Strike causes its target to burn. This Tactical is gained from defeating Operation bosses.

The Enrage Crush Tactical has Focused Burst/Raging Burst and Force Exhaustion/Force Crush detonate Force Sweep/Force Crush, dealing Force Exhaustion/Force Crush’s remaining damage to up to 8 enemies in an area around the primary target. Players can get this powerful tactical from Flashpoint bosses.

The Force Barter Tactical makes it so Concentrated Slice/Furious Strike refunds one additional focus after it hits but refunds all its focus if the player has fallen to zero focus. This tactical is gained from Flashpoint bosses. And finally, the Perseverance Tactical has using Zealous Leap/Obliterate with Force Clarity/Furious Power causes it to critically hit. And this Tactical is gained from Daily and Weekly mission crates.

As players continue to experiment with these new Tacticals, the fanbase is waiting to see how the PVP and PVE landscape will be affected in the near future.