Dr Disrespect Starts Firing His Shots At Mixer For 2020 On Twitter, Mixer Responds

Dr Disrespect Starts Firing His Shots At Mixer For 2020 On Twitter, Mixer Responds
Credit: Dr Disrespect

If a streamer has been roasting and beefing with other personalities for as long as Dr Disrespect, they wouldn’t have any care too. Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV is one huge Twitch personality not very keen on keeping his emotions to himself, especially towards Mixer.

As one of the top Twitch streamers, Doc has a ton of responsibilities upon his shoulders since some of the website’s top personalities left. Of course, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins started the trend of moving away from the Amazon-owned streaming platform. He and his fellow FPS broadcaster, Michael “shroud” Grzesiek, decided to accept the deal Mixer offered to them.

Since then, more streamers diversified and switched to other platforms such as YouTube Gaming and Facebook. And if you look at the trend and numbers, the Two-Time could very well be the next one to jump ships. He even stated that the Mixer proposed to him before they ended with Ninja and shroud. But he has proven that his loyalties remain to the purple and white streaming platform.


On January 4, 2020, Dr Disrespect felt he needed to restart the fire and jokingly tweets his shot at the opposing company. “Is Mixer still around?” hinting that, on the new year, Mixer’s hype would die. To no one’s expectations, the Microsoft-owned broadcasting website does not have it on that day. Their social media managers decided to respond with a Breaking Bad meme.

It reads, “You’re godd*mn right,” as Walter White mouths his famous words. Not only are the people surprised at the response, its how quick Mixer’s account did so. One follower stated, “well, that was fast.” Another mockingly suggested that there’s not much to do at Mixer, hence their lightning reply.

Some enjoy the banter at the social media and recommends the team members get a raise, “Which one of our social team members is working right now and why haven’t they gotten a raise yet?”

Recently, the Doc vaguely said that Twitch invested more money in keeping him than shroud or Ninja. As with the mustache-wearing streamer, there’s a line between him being genuine and him being sarcastic. It is nearly impossible to know if this claim is valid or not because of his character. He believes that millions watch him daily, and he goes into “The Arena” to give losses on his games. He is also the self-proclaimed “face of Twitch.”

On Christmas Eve, the California-based streamer released an impromptu parody song about Mixer. Its subject is moving here to Mixer, and we’re happy here.

With all the hype, Ninja and shroud are both struggling to find viewership on Mixer. Sure, they might be happy for now that they signed a multi-million contract with Microsoft, but with streaming, viewership and interaction are much long-lasting. For the pair, building their established brands might be a better route than just cashing a check.

Since his move, Ninja found success in a career outside of streaming. He has found himself collaborating with Adidas, Star Wars’ Mark Hamill, and even lands a minor role in a Hollywood film with Ryan Reynolds.