Diablo Returns: Global Fans Welcome 2019 With Celebrations For Diablo’s Darkening Of Tristram Event

Diablo Returns: Global Fans Welcome 2019 With Celebrations For Diablo’s Darkening Of Tristram Event
Credit: diablo.fandom.com

Fans worldwide are celebrating Diablo, the popular action-RPG game, an anniversary which marked the occasion with the much-awaited come back of the Darkening of Tristram event in Diablo 3. While players who want to feel nostalgic for Blizzard’s famous franchise, they are also geared to feel something new eerily.

The event went live three days ago and will end on Jan. 31 at 4 pm.  And while the crowd is still cheering for the return of the iconic bosses of the original game levels, let’s see how the anniversary dungeon of Diablo 3 looks like and what darkness awaits those who want to enter:

  • Stop the Cultists – The players’ journey will begin following the trail left by a group of equally mysterious cultists who are wreaking havoc in the Sanctuary. Players can hunt these cultists down in the Adventure Mode. From there, the key goal is to uncover the clues that will lead the player to a portal of the dark past of Tristram. It’s an action-packed chapter and the exciting part is that players will get to know more about how darkness engulfed Tristram many, many years ago.
  • Explore the Cathedral – Once players followed the clues, it will not take long for them to find themselves in the familiar cathedral looms in the world of the RetroVision™. This time, long time players and even the new ones will get to explore the depths of the dark world. Avid fanatics might feel young once more as they meet the old-timers of the Diablo world where enemies they thought have been defeated come back to life to bring doom. Iconic items are also back in Diablo 3. On the other hand, gamers should be ready for a surprise as somewhere in the catacombs they will find the Dark Lord whose hunger for blood awaits unsuspecting adventurers.
  • Discover Precious Loot – Every fan in the past would know that Diablo is about having your own unique loot. The anniversary event is amazingly packed with exciting transmogrification effects, portraits, pets, and achievements, among others. Some jewels and rewards would be fairly easy to find but some are not. If you are out to earn all of it to unlock achievements, you have to find out for yourself if you dare.

The return of Diablo is already exciting as it is. But what’s keeping us up is to see whether the new players could ever come out alive of the classic Diablo game.