Destiny 2 – Felwinter’s Lie Quest Is A Flop, Playerbase Doesn’t Want To Participate In Newest Community Event

Destiny 2 – Felwinter’s Lie Quest Is A Flop, Playerbase Doesn’t Want To Participate In Newest Community Event
Credit: Bungie via Youtube

In Destiny 2, most quests are completed on a player by player basis, with certain exceptions. Events like the Guardian Games and certain community quests are meant to be undertaken by guardians everywhere banding together for a common goal. This was certainly Bungie’s aim when they introduced the Felwinter’s Lie community quest, but what happens when no one wants to participate?

For background, the Lie quest can be started by talking to Ana Bray. Apparently Rasputin needs a bit of field data on how guardians operate, and the best way to do that is to observe them completing Seraph Tower events. These events must be completed as a community, with each guardian successfully finishing a tower counting as 1 point towards the 3,000,000 needed on each of the three locations.

Progress has been painfully slow however, as in one instance in a 16 hour period, progress towards completion only increased by 1% for one of the locations. The other two planets stayed nestled at a cozy 1%. The event progress is so brutally slow, that one popular theory going around is that the Destiny team is planning on players failing.

So what gives? Is the dedicated Destiny 2 fanbase suddenly tired of the game? That’s unlikely, as this community has already stuck through fire and flood to play the game they so hold dear. There are several possible explanations for this.

One is that the community just isn’t having fun griding out these Seraph Towers. This is certainly a factor, as the event itself is quite tedious and becomes even more repetitive upon repeat run-throughs.

Additionally, there was the let down of the last server-wide cooperative event, which was the Guardian Games. The event had grand ideals, but it seems Bungie was unable to take a risk when it came down to it. The cosmetic rewards offered were lackluster, and as such winning or losing the event held no real consequence.

This event was the first time the classes had ever been pitted against each other, but instead of competitive, much of the fanbase was instead apathetic. There were no actual stakes involved, besides whether your armor would turn bronze, silver, or gold.

Some players are also similarly uninterested in the reward offered for the Lie community event. Completing this community step is said to lead into another quest, at the end of which players will be rewarded with Felwinter’s Lie. This sniper/shotgun is a returning fan-favorite from the original Destiny and comes with some powerful perks.

This would seem to be a fine incentive for the monumental effort the community must put in to complete this quest, but some seem to think otherwise.

Youtube commenter Deathscythe8619 puts it best in his reply (edited for clarity),

”The last community event left a very sour taste in my mouth, and frankly, I am burnt out on D2 with these events/quests. If the shotgun is close to what it was in D1, let’s just call it now, people will get the gun, praise the gun, it will be arguably too good, it will be a problem, there will be calls to nerf, etc.. etc.. etc… It’s the Bungie circle of life, and right now I want off.”

So there you have it. Time will tell if the player base will eventually ban together to complete this event, or whether it will fail. A failure might send a strong message to Bungie about how much the players are enjoying the state of these events in the future.