Deathwing Has Arrived On The Heroes Of The Storm PTR With Savage Skins And Earth Shattering Attacks

Deathwing Has Arrived On The Heroes Of The Storm PTR With Savage Skins And Earth Shattering Attacks
Credit: Heroes of the Storm via YouTube

There was some legitimately massive news in October for Heroes of the Storm. The introduction of the ultimate antagonist, Deathwing, was made, and he is finally playable via Public Test Realm (PTR.)

Known as many names like the Aspect of Death, Destroyer, or appropriately, World Breaker, Deathwing is a fantastic playable character joining the Nexus.

He has just been launched in the Heroes of the Storm PTR, and he is already living up to his destructive nature.

He is the official Spotlight video of Deathwing released by the Heroes of the Storm’s developers.

The video highlights the strengths and weaknesses of Deathwing. His strengths include being permanently unstoppable, delivering powerful area damage, and efficient crowd control.

However, because of this seemingly overpowered dragon, there are checks and balances.
Deathwing is unaffected by allied abilities, including healing and buffs, so when he is damaged heavily, he must fly away and leave the battle to heal up. He also faces a weakness to Poke and % – Based Damage.

With Deathwing just entering the PTR, players will be able to try him out and test out the balancing. This will give the developers a good indication of what works with Deathwing, and what doesn’t.

The World of Warcraft: Cataclysm antagonist will be fighting in style, with a few unlockable skins. The Destroyer is Deathwing’s base skin and features the all too familiar armor-plated, gothic, fire-infused look.

Follow the link in this tweet by WoWHead to check out all of Deathwing’s skins:

Heroes of the Storm players will receive the Savage Deathwing skin when he is unlocked. And players can also unlock other skins, each costing 120 Gems or 112 Shards. These skins are called Glorious Deathwing, Iron Deathwing, and Tyrannical Deathwing.

Deathwing’s abilities do not disappoint, as he can fight in one of two modes, Destroyer or Worldbreaker.

Deathwing’s Trait (Passive) ability is The Aspect of Death – Deathwing is granted Armor as he is covered in Adamantium Armor Plates. He also deals double the damage to heroes, and as mentioned earlier, he is unstoppable but not able to receive healing or buffs
by teammates.
He features a Mount ability called Dragonflight (Z,) which uses no Energy, and is subject to a 45-second cooldown.

Deathwing will become airborne, and after 3 seconds, he becomes immune to all enemy effects and will start healing 2.5 percent of his maximum health every second. Dragonflight cannot be used 4 seconds after a basic attacking, taking damage, or casting an ability. Once it is cast, it cannot be interrupted.

Deathwing must be in the air for at least 8 seconds, and then he can then fly back into battle by channeling a 1.75-second cast. Players will choose either his Destroyer or Worldbreaker mode, and he will deal 75 damage to enemies in the vicinity of where he lands (must be near allies.) Abilities are then subject to a 3-second cooldown.

Destroyer has two basic abilities for each of his forms, as well as one ability that can be used in any form, and of course a Heroic ability.

Check out the WoWHeads tweet embedded in this blog to read a breakdown of his attacks.