Deathloop Is Being Pushed Back To 2021 Due To Work-From-Home Measures

Deathloop Is Being Pushed Back To 2021 Due To Work-From-Home Measures
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Deathloop is a game with an interesting and classic concept, where an assassin gets stuck in a time loop. We’ve seen this concept in several movies over the years, which tells the tale of having to re-live the same day over and over.

The stakes are pretty high in Deathloop, though, as Colt has to take down a certain number of targets before the clock resets and forces him to repeat his killing attempts all over. All the while, Colt has to watch out for Julianna. She’s just as deadly and has her sights set solely on Colt.

We’ve been treated to a couple of trailers already, showing more of the game’s environment Blackreef and some of the combat. The shooting action looks like a fun time as players decide how to approach each target differently.

The game was originally pegged for holiday 2020, but as so often is the case for developers during the Covid-19 pandemic, Arkane Studious is having to push back Deathloop a bit. Now it won’t be coming out until the second quarter of 2021.

The developer cited work-from-home measures as being the reason for this delay. So many companies are having to forgo going to their traditional offices, as this seems to be the best way to manage Covid-19 at the moment. Working from home on AAA games isn’t impossible, but it’s a different type of vibe that slows the pace for developers a bit.

It’s not all doom and gloom for gamers looking to experience Deathloop’s fun combat and looping nature though. Now that the developer has more time to work on this project, they are committed to giving players the best experiences possible. What could have been a shooter littered with bugs now has the chance to be even better at launch.

When Deathloop is finally out of the oven, it will be very interesting to see how the community takes to its Groundhog Day-like concept. With every failed attempt, that’s one step closer at solving the puzzle that is Blackreef.

Different targets are positioned differently and have varying skills, which should keep players guessing for a while. Julianna being added to the mix also is an interesting twist. Even more interesting is the fact that players online will get to play as her and try to stop players as Colt from taking down all of his targets before time restarts.

As we get closer to 2021, hopefully the developer can finish the last touches and make Deathloop even better.