Damwon Gaming Secured Stunning Upset Over DragonX In League Champions Korea Summer Split

Damwon Gaming Secured Stunning Upset Over DragonX In League Champions Korea Summer Split
Credit: Photo via Riot Games

Damwon Gaming took down DragonX 2-0 in a terrifyingly dominant series in the 2020 LCK Summer Split.

The second-seeded team came into this League of Legends match on a hot streak, winning their previous three games with ease. DragonX, leading the league with an 11-1 record, only marginally won their previous two series against KT Rolster and Gen.G.

DRX opted to open the series on an unexpected note. Head coach CvMax led his team’s draft with multiple flex picks, including an early Camille choice. Despite Damwon’s answers in the form of Galio and Sejuani bans, DRX still chose to hand the pick to their mid laner, Chovy.

This decision proved to be one of many fatal errors for DragonX in the first match of the series. Chovy got bodied by ShowMaker’s Zoe and DRX also heavily lost in the key jungle matchup.

Canyon’s Sett play was monumental in Damwon’s game one win. Combined with the rest of the team’s strong laning performances, Canyon’s 8/0/8 performance overwhelmed DRX in a 28-3 kill game. DragonX AD carry Deft proved ineffective on the surprising Heimerdinger pick, ending the match with a 1/4/1 score.

The second game’s draft looked better for DRX, but Damwon simply confirmed themselves as a powerhouse once again. DWG quickly selected Camille and Galio, pairing the already-strong ultimate combination machine with a Karthus for the jungle role. Dubbed the “winning pick” by Canyon himself, Damwon cruised past DRX with Karthus jungle in an even faster 27:29 finish. The synergy between the top, jungle, and mid trio made them an unstoppable force in ganks and teamfights, while DragonX looked completely helpless throughout the game.

Damwon have destroyed Sandbox Gaming recently as well. Led by Nuguri and Showmaker in the solo lanes, Damwon dismantled SB in both games. Canyon and Nuguri secured the MVP awards after dominant performances on Nidalee (11/1/3) and Kennen (5/0/5), respectively.

SB tried to withstand the pressure from DWG’s aggression but every lane lost to the superior mechanical plays from DWG. Their only saving grace was FATE in the mid lane on Zoe, but he didn’t get far enough ahead to be able to put a stop to DWG’s dominance.

In the second game, SB adjusted their draft and instantly took Nidalee out after Canyon’s performance on the champ in the first game. They picked three of the same champions from the first game, though, in Wukong, Lee Sin, and Nautilus—and the result was predictable.

DWG were prepared for these picks and had a counter in every lane, putting a stop to SB’s plan. DWG’s Pantheon support pick crushed SB’s hopes of equalizing the series. Pantheon’s roams to every lane were more than enough to stomp DWG’s opposition and secure a clear path to the 2-0 victory.