Cyberpunk 2077’s Latest Night City Wire Episode Showed Off The Different Weapon Types

Cyberpunk 2077’s Latest Night City Wire Episode Showed Off The Different Weapon Types
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Leading up to Cyberpunk 2077’s release, CD Projekt Red has kept fans in the loop with their Night City Wire streaming event. Every episode pulls back the curtain just a bit more on this highly anticipated RPG that is leading the industry in buzz.

The first episode was filled with memorable highlights, such as a deeper look at gameplay and Night City — the game’s main setting. Episode two just kicked off today and also featured a lot of noteworthy nuggets.

One of the main takeaways was the intense combat that showed a deeper look at some of the weapons that will be available at launch. We saw three different types of guns featured: Power, Tech, and Smart weapons. Each one has different abilities and is geared towards a different type of situation.

Power weapons are unique in that they can deliver ricochet bullets that hit enemies from behind objects. They seem like a good choice for when you don’t have a direct lock on an enemy. It also looks like they can deliver a ton of damage up close, as is showcased with the shotgun.

Tech weapons work much differently thanks to electromagnetic power. They can propel metal projectiles at opponents and through cover that enemies may be behind.

You can imagine hearing enemies on the other side of a wall, getting their location, and then sending metal on to the other side for lethal hits. It’s a new way to deal with enemies that don’t know you’re there, at least not yet.

Finally, smart weapons are powered using smart missile technology that can track opponents in real time. It’s one of the more unique weapon types for sure and looks like it will deliver endless amounts of fun combat opportunities.

Say an enemy is running away and you can’t get off a clear shot. A couple of rounds with a smart weapon and your bullets will fly in their direction for quick hits in rapid succession.

There seems to be a good deal of variety in each weapon class, which is promising for players that can’t wait to take down the opposing gangs and leaders trying to gain power in Night City.

This latest episode was full of interesting moments. It will be interesting to see what’s on the horizon in episode three. Cyberpunk 2077’s release is still a couple of months away, but at least CD Projekt Red is keeping the buzz going strong.