Injustice 3 May Have Just Been Teased By Skilled Artist BossLogic

Injustice 3 May Have Just Been Teased By Skilled Artist BossLogic
Credit: ComicBookCast2 via YouTube

When you think of superhero fighting games, the Injustice series instantly comes to mind. NetherRealm Studios — like their most recent Mortal Kombat games — have done a good job with DC’s superheroes and villains.

From the amazing variety of moves to the epic story of Superman going dark, these games provide so much excitement to fans of the fighting genre. The most recent sequel is one of the best fighting games to date, featuring a huge list of playable characters and a in-depth story that has a lot of twists and turns a long the way.

But what about Injustice 3? The first two games went on to achieve a lot of commercial success, so it seems like a no-brainer that NetherRealm Studios would keep the superhero fighting action going strong.

Although we haven’t seen any official announcements, a graphic artist by the name of BossLogic — or Nikolai Baslajik — may have just teased Injustice 3 in some concept art he shared for the game recently on Twitter.

The visual shows the word Injustic3. Although it doesn’t outright spell Injustice 3, it’s safe to assume what BossLogic is referring to. The concept art also shows a clock in the background.

If you grew up reading Watchmen or saw the blockbuster movie, you know this is probably the Doomsday Clock. It counts down the days until the world goes up in flames because of weapons of mass destruction. Also, if you look in the left bottom corner, you can see a smiley face pin, which of course is The Comedian’s signature piece he wears with his outfit.

It thus looks like we might be getting Watchmen characters in this third installment, a promising idea in theory. There are so many lovable characters featured in this series, including The Comedian, Nite Owl, and of course, Doctor Manhattan. That last character would be particularly amazing to play with because of his god-like powers.

Of course, this concept art is just a rumor for now. NetherRealm Studios and Warner Brothers have yet to say anything, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see some official statement sooner rather than later.

Additionally, DC’s Fandome event is about to take place in a couple of weeks. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Injustice 3 get revealed during this event. BossLogic will be attending the virtual event so this recent reveal doesn’t seem to be at random at all. He’s done some amazing work with other AAA games in the past, such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Either way, it looks like we will probably find out for sure in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned for future developments.