Creator Reveals ‘Vampire Computers’ For Dwarf Fortress; No Video Evidence Of That Happening, Though

Creator Reveals ‘Vampire Computers’ For Dwarf Fortress; No Video Evidence Of That Happening, Though
Credit: Bay 12 Games

The Dwarf Fortress creator has revealed that there are vampire computers somewhere in the game, created by enterprising fans.

In an interview with PCGamer, co-creator Tarn Adams was asked about some of the weirdest things that he’s found regarding the game. He laughed and thought for a while and mentioned the “vampire computers.”

He said that people have built vampire computers. This means they don’t need to eat or sleep, and they can do the computing for you. He said the way it was set up was sort of a trap. Vampires can step into pressure plates, and they get gobbled up into computer processing.

In fact, he said, you can assign these vampire computers on patrols, and they can go on forever.

However, as PCGamer pointed out, there’s no video evidence of the vampire computers in action. Still, you can’t just dismiss what Tarn Adams is claiming. After all, he’s been working on the game for over a decade, so he’s seen some strange things.

There’s actually Space Invader-like game inside the Dwarf Fortress, simulated by some fans. There’s also a fully functional calculator inside the game, as well. So to think there are vampire computers out there wouldn’t be as much of a stretch.

An earlier report revealed that Dwarf Fortress will be coming to Steam because brothers Tarn and Zach wanted to take care of themselves. In an interview with Kotaku, Tarn Adams revealed that they are getting old and health insurance costs are expensive.

He said they’ve been doing quite well crowdfunding and the money raised can help expand the game. However, one lingering illness and they might dip into what little savings they have, and that’s the end of the game.

Although the game has developed a cult following over the years, it didn’t really make them rich. In fact, both brothers are only earning around $6,000 monthly from the game’s proceeds. He said they’ve survived for the past 12 years on that money, but healthcare is a nagging concern.

The ASCII game has already been uploaded on the Steam page. However, there’s no release date yet for Dwarf Fortress. One expected change in the coming version is the Adventure mode where you can control a team of hunters. This is a departure from the previous versions where you control one character while the AI will control your companions or pets.