Cooler Master Introduces Magnet White Low-Profile Keyboard; Is The New Addition To SK630 Series Worth It?

Cooler Master Introduces Magnet White Low-Profile Keyboard; Is The New Addition To SK630 Series Worth It?
Credit: coolermaster

Cooler Master added a new variant of the popular SK630, which now comes in pristine white. Admittedly, the SK630 Magnet White fits perfectly with the Chiclet keypads. Although, you do have to prepare alcohol and wet wipes to clean the grime and oil of the ivory plastic.

The Cooler Master SK630 received a lot of hype when it was showcased at the CES 2018. Of course, it’s mostly subjective at this point. For some people, even if low-profile keyboards try to replicate the feel and look of the full mechanical keyboards, they will remain the little cousin.

One thing that makes this keyboard attractive is its ultra-thin and ultra-light material. You can bring this along as a peripheral for your laptop. Just stuff it in your bag, and you are good to go.

Typically, low-profile keyboards are an acquired taste. Some users never really bought into the hype because they are more used to the full mechanical keyboards. But technology has really become better in recent years.

For instance, the Cooler Master SK series features the mechanical switches from Cherry, a German manufacturer with a good reputation in the industry. The MX Red is perhaps the most popular line from Cherry.

The travel distance of the MX switches for this SK630 Magnet White keyboard was even shaved at 0.8mm. Ordinarily, the travel distance for low-profile switches is between 1.2mm to 3.0mm.

The SK630 features the distinctive flat keycaps, which promotes a tactile feel to the user’s fingertips. They will feel the same satisfaction when hearing the sound it makes when the keys bottom out. But Cooler Master cautions users against underestimating its slim appearance. The hard plastic, including the keypads, is made of very durable material, which means this keyboard can withstand abuse.

Cooler Master also added in some flair with multiple hues underneath the keypads. The bright rainbow colors give a striking RGB contrast to the white foreground. The manufacturer promises as many as 16.7 colors in each key.

The floating key design only served to highlight this contrast. The SK630 Magnet White keyboard really shines under low lighting conditions.

Previous users of the SK630 keyboard will love the familiar feel of this new variant. However, the white chiclet keypads just take the keyboard to a whole another level.

For now, there’s no price listing yet on the Cooler Master Limited White Edition. However, the ordinary SK630 keyboard retails at $139.99 so that will give you an idea of the price.