Celeste Developer Matt Makes Games Lets The Fans Know A Sequel Is Probably Not Going To Be Likely

Celeste Developer Matt Makes Games Lets The Fans Know A Sequel Is Probably Not Going To Be Likely
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Yesterday we found out that Celeste‘s final DLC update would come out for free. And, in addition to that, we also discovered that Celeste‘s development team Matt Makes Games would no longer be around. But today, the developer at Matt Makes Games, Matt Thorson, also let us know that there probably will not be a sequel to the hit puzzle platforming game, which is sure to be a major disappointment for fans of the hit game.

In an email, Thorson told the fans they actually do not want to make a sequel to the game. So, in many ways, the latest DLC release, “Chapter 9: Farewell,” really is a farewell to the game. But at least it comes with a huge amount of content to give the game a wonderful send-off. But Thorson also did not exclusively rule out there ever not being a sequel to the hit game either. So there is always hope.

In the email, Thorson said he doesn’t “want to make a sequel.” He also said, “Maybe in the future we’ll change our minds, but right now we don’t know how we’d do a sequel justice.”

Instead, the developer at the former Matt Makes Games studio said that he and his team were much more focused on producing a new game to be released sometime in the future. So it seems Thorson is ready to move on from Celeste and its wonderful universe.

All of this is coming with the announcement of the game’s conclusion with the release of its free DLC update “Chapter 9: Farewell.” The first announcement for this DLC came last December. The Matt Makes Game team said this update would a series of hard levels for the advanced player. And they said it would give the Celeste game one last farewell.

When was it supposed to come out? Actually early this year. So it is coming out more than half a year late but fans have been waiting patiently. The DLC add-on includes 100 new levels that add up to make the game 800 levels long.

There’s also brand new mechanics and new items to play around with. It’s a great opportunity to get back to Celeste if you have not touched the game in a few months. Especially if you happen to be a bit rusty.

The musical score will include an additional 40 minutes of music created and composed by Lena Raine. So in many ways, the final DLC is a really big update to the overall game. That really is a great final send-off.