EA DICE Launches Trello Board For Transparency And Easy Communication With the Battlefield V Community

EA DICE Launches Trello Board For Transparency And Easy Communication With the Battlefield V Community
Credit: Dexerto

A few weeks ago, EA DICE promised the Battlefield 5 community that it wants to be transparent and efficient in their communication. Yesterday, the Swedish game developer launched a Trello board for Battlefield V.

For starters, Trello is an online list-making application that helps in easy item tracking and project collaboration.


Trello has all the features the Battlefield 5 Dev Team needs in managing the rising, existing, and solved issues and bugs. The community is not left behind as players can easily access the different boards, and cards in real-time.

The new Battlefield 5 has six columns, and here’s how it works.

1. Quality of Life Tracker 

This is simply an FAQ section, or rather an overview of what the entire board is all about. Find all the information regarding the various items in the cards, and the meaning of the different status tags. Also included are important events like surveys.

2. Community Broadcasts

EA DICE has been hosting several community broadcasts. Herein, the developers will be sharing all the links to their community broadcasts. What you need to do is select a preferred card. They have all been numbered and marked depending on what the broadcast is about. So far, there are nine broadcasts, and more are coming.

3. Bugs/Issues Tracker

This is one of the keystone boards where all the noted bugs and issues will be listed. For every bug, there will be a card, with the issue/bug highlighted, a tracked JIRA link and SLA. EA DICE says there will be a maximum of three updates on each card, but they will be working round the clock to solve the bug within two updates.

4. Feature Requests

This board has been created, but it isn’t active yet, until next month. Here, DICE will share what the community wants to see in Battlefield V. The team will be listing all the requests and then, a poll will decide what will be prioritized. Here also, there will be an SLA, but not all the requests will be honored.

5. Update/Hotfix Notes

Now, you can track all the Battlefield V DLC – from the update notes to all the hotfixes released since the Battlefield V Update 4.0. The cards will be sorted in descending order so the latest updates will be at the top.

6. Links

On this board, EA DICE will list all the resourceful links the community might need. These include the links to Battlefield V social media, links to the submitted bugs as well as how to report abuse, harassment, and cheating.