Capcom Patches Resident Evil 3 Antagonist Nemesis Into The Resident Evil 2 Demo, Sort Of

Capcom Patches Resident Evil 3 Antagonist Nemesis Into The Resident Evil 2 Demo, Sort Of
Credit: Capcom

It’s pretty clear that when Capcom released their Resident Evil 2 remake earlier this year, plans for a Resident Evil 3 remake were not yet cemented. The studio was no doubt waiting to see how the remake performed before deciding to invest money in another remake, especially of a less popular entry in the series. That isn’t to say Resident Evil 3 isn’t popular, just that Resident Evil 2 is, well, Resident Evil 2.

The Resident Evil 3 remake, or “threemake” as it’s been called, is a thing now, coming in just a few short months. With that release window locked in, Capcom is now going back and peppering in little connections between its Resident Evil 2 remake and the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 3, which chronologically takes place both before and after the second game.

First, there was the letter from Jill, which will be patched in soon if it hasn’t been already. Like the other letters in the game, you can find it lying about somewhere, but finding this particular letter will unlock the “Chasing Jill” achievement while also presumably tying the events of Resident Evil 3 into the narrative.

Now Capcom has re-released the demo for the Resident Evil 2 remake. One can assume that part of it is a marketing push to drum up hype for Resident Evil 3, targeted specifically towards players who haven’t yet picked up the second game.

However, there’s also an added treat for those who have already played it, a treat that will also get players hyped for the upcoming follow-up. You can check it out for yourself in the demo above, but at some point in the demo, while you’re outside the police station, you can hear the gravelly, terrifying voice of Nemesis, the titular antagonist of Resident Evil 3. Even creepier, he bellows “Staaaars,” which fans will remember as the special unit of the Raccoon City Police Department that Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield belong to and that was featured in the first game.

That’s what makes Nemesis such a scary foe and sets him apart from the rest. He might not be as big as some of the other enemies, but he’s much, much smarter, and he’s been tasked with hunting down and destroying the S.T.A.R.S. members.

There’s still the question of why Capcom didn’t throw these things into the game in the first place because they’re certainly not a commitment to a sequel. Whatever their reasons are, it’s just cool that the easter eggs are there now.