Butter Royale Is A Multiplayer Food Fight Game That’s Now Available Through Apple Arcade

Butter Royale Is A Multiplayer Food Fight Game That’s Now Available Through Apple Arcade
Credit: IOSTouchPlayHD via YouTube

If you look around the gaming community, there are just so many subscription services available. It can be hard to keep up with all of them because they come out every month, it seems. However, every once in a while, a subscription service comes out that truly offers a lot of value and amazing content.

One of these platforms is Apple Arcade. Mobile gaming has blown up over the last few years, and it’s not hard to see why. People just love taking their gaming experiences on the go. They can fit in a session before work or school and satisfy that gaming itch.

Apple Arcade allows players to do just that and looking at the library of games, there is an amazing offering. One that was just added to the platform is Butter Royale. It’s a pretty unique concept in that it blends food fights with multiplayer action. It’s a winning recipe, to be frank.

You’ll get to play against 31 other players in food battles that are always fast-paced. Thus, you have to be on guard or you’ll be scraping cakes and pies off your face pretty quick. There are all sorts of tools you’ll be able to use at your disposal, much like weapons in first-person shooters.

The game is shot from a third-person perspective and it really gives this game a unique identity. You can easily see opposing players as they grab their next handful of delicious meats and treats to throw in your direction.

There are several different modes you can play in, including solo and multiplayer. Solo is great if you like that lone wolf approach to battle royale games. You won’t be able to rely on teammates when the food hits the fan. Rather, you’ll have to think quick on your feet and do your best to make it past so much flying food.

The multiplayer mode is perfect if you want to join a squad of friends. You can ban together with your buddies much like what you would do at the lunch table in school. There are a lot of food blasters you’ll be able to pick up, such as the Breadzooka. The developer Mighty Bear Games really did a good job at taking such a fun concept and making it even better in a mobile game.

Even if you don’t normally like playing mobile games, Butter Royale is truly something special and worth checking out.